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The post-COVID workplace – 4 steps to adapt to the new normal

A lot has been said about life after COVID-19. What will ‘the new normal’ look like, after this pandemic is behind us? It is important to understand that this new normal will be very different from the previous status quo.

Why I choose Nagarro

As an employee, how do I see Nagarro and what makes Nagarro a unique employer? In this article, I'd like to share my thoughts on why Nagarro really has ‘dream job potential’ for me. To be honest, from the outside, Nagarro looks like one of those large organizations. But after entering the office, one can instantly see a super modern office with a friendly, young and informal atmosphere among the employees. Nagarro doesn´t give the impression of just another company, but of a new-age, welcoming workplace—right in line with the spirit of the times!  

Doors opened by big tech and non-banking networks: Repercussions for traditional banking

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed all the traditional boundaries across every sector. New firms are challenging incumbents in every sphere. Take, for example, Elon Musk – apart from informing everyone that the earth has faced at least five extinction-level events, he has been suggesting that we should colonize Mars in order to re-establish humanity on earth, in case another one strikes. No wonder, SpaceX has been positioned as a survival endgame in such a scenario.

Lessons from a pandemic: My learnings during the lockdown

We’ve read enough about how tough life has been due to COVID-19, but what positives can we take from the pandemic and what has the lockdown taught me? Pouring my heart out here!

Decoding employee loyalty: What makes people stay loyal to a company?

What makes an employee stay loyal to a company for decades? Is it the monetary aspect, the perks, or the career boosting opportunities or something else? At Nagarro, our organizational DNA, governed by its core values: CARING, embraces a humanistic people-first way of thinking and nurturing. A culture that we believe, fosters employee loyalty. We spoke to a few Nagarrians, who stayed with us through thick and thin; to understand the reasons behind their belief and trust in Nagarro. Here is an account of their journeys, experiences, hopes, and on how Nagarro played a pivotal role in their individual growth and loyalty over the years.

Quality Leadership Circle: Opportunities CIOs see through COVID-19

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has led to business interruptions, with ongoing effects on business continuity, operations, and growth. CIOs need to respond to the crisis with both short and long-term measures to provide rapid relief, increase resilience to future disruptions, and prepare for growth.

Bonding over food, the Nagarro way!

Feeling low? Just binge on those chocolates, and voila, your mood has instantly lifted!

Effective remote working: Leading from home

While every employee faces some challenges in adjusting to the shift towards working from home, this change presents even more tests for those in leadership positions. In a traditional setup, the role of managers is often to organize, instruct, and control the work of their teammates to ensure high productivity and alignment towards company goals. As discussed in the previous parts of this series, some of these responsibilities have shifted towards the team or the individual. Employees are self-responsible for ensuring their productivity, work planning, and alignment. In such a scenario, what is the role of leadership in a remote setup?

The dark side of UI test automation - Part 2

In part one, I talked about handling the software development aspect of test automation and how to take UI test automation seriously. In this part, I will continue with my view of how to handle problems with the environment since it is a big part of test automation. And a short take on test automation tools.

CARING@Nagarro: Mansi Gupta on being ‘CARING’

CARING - being empathetic, respectful and non-judgmental - is a core value here at Nagarro. At the same time, it’s an acronym for six other core values⁠ - Client-centric, Agile, Responsible, Intelligent, Non-hierarchical, and Global⁠ - that are part of our org DNA and reflect our unique culture. After interviewing Nagarrians from around the world to understand their perspectives about these values, I created a series of blog posts, with each post focusing on one of the values. This seventh blog - the last of the series – focuses on what it means to be CARING, and why this core value is a ‘true North‘ as well as a lodestone at Nagarro.

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