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Thomas Schweiger
Thomas Schweiger
Natalia Volentova
Natalia Volentova

We are excited to launch the first article of our new series NagarroInspiresU, where we showcase the incredible growth stories of Nagarrians who have flourished in their roles and are seizing continuous development opportunities within Nagarro. These articles aim to showcase their motivations and achievements and thus inspire you to embark on your professional development journey.

Today, we take you on a journey of mentorship and growth as Natalia and Thomas share their story of collaboration at Nagarro. From uncertainty to empowerment, their mentorship experience embodies the transformative power of knowledge sharing and continuous learning. As we dive into their reflections, practical insights, and shared accomplishments, we learn more about how they can skillfully navigate the intersection of AI, business strategy, and personal development with their CARING approach.

As a data scientist at Nagarro, Thomas Schweiger leads an AI research project and helps develop innovative AI solutions to improve the quality and efficiency of software testing. Natalia Volentova is a requirement engineer at Nagarro and acts as a bridge between the technical and business worlds, analyzing customer requirements, translating them into specifications, and collaborating with developers to ensure successful implementation, while aligning with the business goals.

Natalia: My journey in AI at Nagarro began with a mix of curiosity and uncertainty. The field was vast and complex, and I realized early on that mentorship would help in the long run. The process of defining my career goals for the upcoming year with the growth roadmap, recommended by my colleague in HR, Magda, sparked my reconnection with the AI world at Nagarro. Magda's insightful questioning enabled me to articulate what I hoped to achieve through mentorship, which I then summarized to her. This was the first step in a direction that would soon introduce me to Thomas.

Thomas: When the opportunity to mentor Natalia presented itself, I saw it as a chance to engage deeply with Nagarro's culture of talent nurturing. It wasn't just about guiding a promising colleague but building a bridge between her aspirations and our organizational goals. My first task was to craft a mentoring approach that was structured yet flexible enough to adapt to Natalia’s unique skills and learning style. I anticipated the challenges along the way but also saw immense growth potential for Natalia and myself as a mentor.

Natalia: Before our initial meeting, I reached out to Thomas to discuss our expectations. I was eager to understand what he hoped to achieve from our sessions, just as I was clear about my goals. In our early sessions, Thomas and I decided to challenge each other mutually. At the end of each session, we brainstormed practical tasks for me, like drafting an initial version of the AI playbook or contacting the AI lead for Europe, which allowed me to apply my newfound knowledge. This goal-oriented approach, coupled with constructive feedback, proved highly motivating and crucial to our collaboration.

The mentorship sessions with Thomas were revelatory. He did more than just teach me about AI; he illustrated how to integrate this knowledge with my skills as a business analyst. Each session was a fusion of theoretical learning and practical implementation, pushing me to grasp AI concepts and also envision their application in real-world business situations. Thomas’s mentorship extended beyond mere learning; it was about broadening my perspectives and exploring new possibilities within my role at Nagarro.

Thomas: In our initial meetings, one of our main focuses was seamlessly integrating Natalia’s growing AI knowledge with her responsibilities as a business analyst. This required careful planning and a keen understanding of her current role and future AI aspirations. It was a balancing act, ensuring that her development in AI complemented and enhanced her performance in her existing role, rather than overshadowing it.

Natalia: Balancing my business analyst role with my growing AI expertise was challenging. There were times when it felt like I was straddling two worlds. But Thomas’s consistent guidance and the structured approach of our mentorship meetings helped immensely. His understanding of my role at Nagarro and his flexibility in adapting to my learning needs were crucial in helping me navigate this dual responsibility.

Thomas: Adjusting to each other's styles and schedules was integral to our mentorship journey. Natalia’s enthusiasm and commitment to learning made this process much smoother than we anticipated. We did face some scheduling challenges, but these constraints pushed us to make our time together more efficient and goal-oriented. The whole journey was a mixture of disciplined and focused mentorship.

Natalia: Developing the AI playbook for a crucial project under Thomas marked a significant moment in my career journey. The experience was quite impactful as it highlighted the freedom and support available at Nagarro when working towards a goal that aligns with the company's values. The openness and willingness of colleagues, some of whom I hadn't met before, to provide feedback on the AI Playbook was remarkable. Everyone I reached out to made time to assist me, fostering a sense of community and collaboration. This project even allowed me to present the AI Playbook to a potential client.

Thomas: The project Natalia mentioned was a significant marker of her growth. It was a practical demonstration of her acquired AI expertise and ability to apply it effectively in a business context. Witnessing her take abstract AI concepts and mold them into tangible, impactful solutions was a proud moment for me as a mentor. It validated our approach and underscored the effectiveness of hands-on, practical learning.

Natalia: This mentorship has been about much more than just acquiring technical skills in AI. It’s been a journey of discovering how AI intersects with strategic business processes and how I can contribute to that intersection at Nagarro. The mentorship has enabled me to view AI as a set of tools and techniques and a strategic enabler within our business landscape. I hope this engagement was mutually beneficial and rewarding, as I aim to foster a two-way exchange of knowledge and insights.

Thomas: Mentoring Natalia has reinforced the importance of knowledge sharing and fostering a learning culture in an organization. It’s about more than just imparting information; it's about cultivating an environment where collaborative growth leads to collective success. Seeing Natalia evolve into a more versatile professional has been immensely gratifying and a reminder of the transformative power of effective mentorship.

Natalia: Looking back at where I started and where I am now, I realize my growth has been incredible. Thomas’s mentorship has enhanced my technical abilities in AI and enriched my overall perspective as a professional. It's opened new avenues within Nagarro, allowing me to explore and contribute in ways I hadn’t imagined before.
Thomas: This journey with Natalia has been as much a learning experience for me as it has been for her. It highlighted the integral role of mentorship in fostering professional development and nurturing a culture of continuous learning within a company like ours. It's a reflection of our commitment to talent development and a demonstration of the profound impact that mentorship can have on both individual growth and organizational progress.

Natalia: Our mentorship has transformed into a partnership where we want to introduce our AI playbook to other teams and share our insights. The thought of what we can achieve together, leveraging our collective knowledge and experience, is not small. It’s a journey that started with a simple roadmap but has become a path to continuous innovation and collaboration.

Thomas: Indeed, this experience is a testament to mentorship's power and impact on individual and organizational growth. It exemplifies Nagarro's dedication to nurturing talent and fostering a knowledgeable, dynamic community. This story of mentorship is not just about personal development; it’s about shaping a culture that values and promotes learning as a cornerstone of success."

Keep checking out our blog space for more inspiring stories of the NagarroInspiresU series.

Thomas Schweiger
Thomas Schweiger
Natalia Volentova
Natalia Volentova