Top 10 factors to build high-performing agile teams

7/5/2018, written by Ashish Bhatia

Categories: Agile

Every transformational leader would prefer a team that is engaged, motivated, and contribute directly towards achieving the organizational goals. Here are the 10 key factors which really...

Connected Worker – Thinking beyond technology

6/29/2018, written by Damianos Soumelidis

Categories: Connected Worker Connected Technology

As companies continue to look for more innovative ways to improve their operations, achieving a Connected Enterprise has proven to be an efficient and cost-effective way to scale...

How seamless DevOps practices can enable Fintechs?

6/22/2018, written by Shrey Sangal

Categories: DevOps Fintech

With the emergence of new wallet services such as Apple Pay, Google Pay and more, the financial services sector has become one of the most fast-paced industries to create drastic...

Why is Zappos’ culture of holacracy catching on?

6/15/2018, written by Seem Rana

Categories: Agile Methodology Holacracy

The culture of a company is crucial and plays a key role in its success or failure. It tends to produce superior results as compared to those with weaker cultures. In the past 20 years...

Escape the legacy trap: Operational consolidation of grown ecosystems

6/8/2018, written by Deepak Kumar

Categories: Legacy Modernization

One of the biggest concerns for CTOs and IT leaders is not being able to harness the power of digitization and mobility due to their legacy IT system. Is your current IT landscape...

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