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Business agility: An agile approach beyond IT

An agile approach can change organizations. Most ideas of this approach can be applied not just to IT, but to all business areas. Is this valid for agile values and principles which refer to software and projects too? Let’s find out. Change, they say, is the only constant. At nearly twenty years old, the Agile Manifesto describes the values and principles for team collaboration in software development. It has been a guide that puts people at the forefront in order to design better products, get timely customer feedback, and escape the aberrations of conventional project procedures – basically, projects that don't get done and cost a lot of money.

COVID-19’s impact on the media industry – Digital reengineering is the new normal

It has now been almost half a year since the COVID-19 pandemic impacted every business globally. Organizations must rethink how they work, and the media industry is no exception. We must also understand that while most businesses are beginning to pick themselves up after this unforeseen crisis, the media industry needs to do much more.

Online casino gaming: The road ahead

Ever since the first web-based casino gaming sites went live in the mid-90s, online gaming has been quite a rage. Nagarro’s journey with online casino gaming industry started in 2009 when we began working with a top online casino gaming supplier to expand their development capabilities. A few months into the relationship, the economic slowdown happened everywhere. I was fortunate enough to be part at the customer’s office for an all-hands meeting, called by the then-CEO of the organization. There were apprehensions all around that some strict steps may be announced. Even more alarmingly, for us as a service provider, there was a high risk of business being reduced and even losing the customer was a definite possibility. In walked the CEO, dressed in a casual t-shirt and shorts, visibly relaxed and happy. Among other things that he said, there was one statement that I can still recall verbatim – “people gamble more when there is economic downturn & business uncertainty and that, dear friends, is very good news for our business”. By the end of this meeting, it was amply clear that the business was doing better-than-expected, and consequently, Nagarro’s business share increased too.

Deciphering the way data is tested

Buzzwords like ‘data is power’ or ‘data is the new oil’ have become clichéd today. Of course, we generate a deluge of data in this highly competitive user-centric business landscape, as organizations focus on emerging technologies such as embedded connectivity, IoT, blockchain, conversational AI, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. But what is the quality of data? Is it good enough to be collected, consumed, and interpreted for business usage? And how should we use this data?

Go Brigid Go: The story of an ultra-marathoner!

There are marathoners, and then, there are ultra-marathoners.

Reimagining banking: From disruption to digital transformation

Fintechs have long been the flag-bearers of disruption in the financial industry, thanks to digital transformation. Traditional banks, often slow to respond, must adapt now to enhance customer experience. Nagarro's framework is designed to achieve precisely this.

COVID-19: Impact on the publishing industry and the new normal

Did you realize that of late, especially in the last 3 months, you have consumed content more by going online than by actually reading printed newspapers or magazines? As we can see, COVID-19 has changed our content consumption pattern. The interactions with content are now beyond its physical form.

How Nagarro can play genie to an 8-year old with an e-bike!

Paula will be 8 soon. Yay, she's super excited! But her parents are a little confused: what should be the birthday gift?

The rise of the new enterprise: The way forward in the new normal

The global pandemic has made radically accelerated digitization even more important. Cloud based applications and remote collaboration are a necessity today. The decisions that companies take in the next six months will determine their long-term success in the post-COVID world. In these times, an entrepreneurial approach can make all the difference. Let us look for some insights on the ‘New Enterprise’ and into areas that can put your business in a stronger position for the ‘new normal‘. Cloud and data If I were to say ‘Cloud and data are crucial components of the new enterprise’, you might think, “C’mon, what’s new about that?” But, would it be different, if I said that the new enterprise I am thinking of, is a cloud-only enterprise? How ‘regular’ is that? At Nagarro, we have seen just how many companies try to establish a ‘cloud-first strategy’. But after analyzing the evaluation criteria, we found that 90% of such cases lead to the decision for a local infrastructure.

Working in another country: Hasneet in Saudi Arabia

At Nagarro, employees have endless opportunities to enhance their skill sets through further trainings and continuous self-development. Everyone is encouraged to identify and hone their skills, enabling them to contribute best to the company and chart their own growth too.

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