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Shalini Verma
Shalini Verma
Michael Riberio
Michael Riberio

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to navigate a world where communication, the essence of human connection, feels like an uphill battle? Meet Eva, an exceptional talent whose story of triumph over her hearing impairment speaks volumes of inspiration.

Picture this- a life filled with muted conversations, missed punchlines, and the beauty of words lost in silence. She has navigated a path marked by hurdles and victories. From early experiences of discrimination to finding support and inclusivity at Nagarro, Eva's story is a testament to determination.

Let’s turn the pages of the motivational chapters of her journey.

Breaking barriers: Eva’s early years

From the beginning of her professional journey, Eva has struggled to find a level playing field where she could shine through. This endless challenge persisted over a decade. Nevertheless, Eva realized that what failed to defeat her made her stronger.

Gracefully confronting bias: Eva's arsenal of strength

Discrimination wasn’t new to Eva. Yet, the impact of it grew as she entered the professional arena. How did she tackle it all? She went with a no-hiding policy. Eva hasn’t let her hearing impairment hold her back. She leveled up her strengths, a never-ending journey of self-improvement, and the calm, collected attitude that acted like a protective shield.

The arrival of inclusivity at Eva's door

Upon joining Nagarro, Eva's life took a positive turn. Casting aside the shadows of doubt, she boldly revealed her hearing impairment during the interview, bracing herself for the usual skepticism. To her pleasant surprise, Nagarro shattered discrimination and welcomed her with open arms into the Nagarro family, where distance and differences are irrelevant. She finally discovered a place that values every voice, and success knows #NoLabels. 

Eva's success story painted on the Nagarro canvas

Nagarro supported Eva, providing her with an iPhone and a Mac, perfect for her hearing aid, ensuring she had the adapted tools she needed to join meetings without any significant setbacks. Although not yet perfect, it’s all about giving everyone a level playing field, and Nagarro is leading the charge. 

Eva's call for clear communication

While technology is doing its bit for those with hearing challenges, Eva highlights the power of clear communication. Good old-fashioned human conversation - speaking clearly with a steady pace and articulating well-structured sentences. For Eva, this blend creates understanding, helping individuals with hearing disabilities to thrive in their careers.

From challenges to change-maker: Eva’s Journey of Resilience

As an individual with hearing challenges, Eva's corporate journey highlights her unwavering strength, determination, and persistence. Overcoming discrimination while discovering acceptance and support at Nagarro, she has succeeded. Her story serves as motivation to create workplaces that not only embrace diversity but also bask in inclusivity.

Her journey reveals a fundamental truth- by embracing openness, fostering empathy, and promoting inclusivity through learning, we can establish an environment where differences and distances are irrelevant and anyone can succeed.

Shalini Verma
Shalini Verma
Michael Riberio
Michael Riberio