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Abhishek Singh
Abhishek Singh
Raghav Gupta
Raghav Gupta

Let’s get this straight: No one likes doing repetitive tasks for days or weeks, certainly not for months (or God forbid, longer!).When it comes to agile, creating Atlassian Jira projects is one such repetitive task that anyone would love to avoid doing day in, day out. Enter – automation!

Automation: why we do it?

While the power users might be privy to their requirements, they aren’t always aware of how to implement the configurations in real-time. Jira Screens plays a vital role in saving the time and effort spent on understanding the details. This even saves us from pestering the admin with our questions.

Here’s how you can get started with Jira Screens:

    1. Ask the right questions
    2. Help users identify their needs
    3. Get approval from the admin.
    4. Let automation do its magic and...
    5. ..Voila! The project is ready.

How did we do it?

Follow these 5 simple steps:

  1. On the Jira service desk, create a service desk portal for customers and internal users. Licensing works well for our setup since the cost is for the Helpdesk Agents and not for customers.
  2. The Agents get the Jira issue view to prioritize their tasks and update their progress for internal users and customers. Here, the agent provides approval for project creation.
  3. The customer searches for an appropriate category to create a new project. The request types have been configured to be intuitively descriptive and clear, making them easier than writing an email.

  4. As the customers fill their form details, it helps agents identify the exact requirements. A sample form looks like this:
  5. The agent receives and reviews the request details. Once the agent approves the request, our bots execute the project creation process, updating the ticket with the new project details.

That’s it – as simple as that, and we’re done!

After successful project creation, an automated notification is sent to the requestors and watchers of the Jira request. It helps save the agent’s effort and time, moreover the consumer is happy with the quick resolution.

Such smart solutions have assisted Nagarro experts in channeling their efforts into innovation and thinking breakthroughs.


Nagarro’s Partnership with Atlassian – Making lives easier with automation!

Nagarro is a Platinum Solution partner with Atlassian. With our expertise in cloud platforms, implementing, and supporting Atlassian products, we help our clients achieve customized solutions. Over the course of our partnership, we have helped our clients kickstart their journey with Atlassian tools, customizing and standardizing an already-implemented solution and supporting them through their journey of being a power-user.

Leverage our expertise and experience to get the most of Atlassian tools.

Abhishek Singh
Abhishek Singh
Raghav Gupta
Raghav Gupta