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Moritz Mitterlehner
Moritz Mitterlehner

At the beginning of August, I started my 3-month-long internship at Nagarro. After studying Business Informatics at the Vienna University of Economics and Business for one and a half years, this internship was my first opportunity to get an insight into a company in the IT industry.

My name is Moritz Mitterlehner. I am 20 years old and live in Vienna. During my time at school, I was already extremely interested in economics and finance, which led to me starting a degree in this field following my time in the Austrian Armed Forces. Coupled with my great interest in computer science, more specifically artificial intelligence, and its great possibilities for the future, Nagarro seemed like the perfect company for an internship during the summer. My internship was in two phases – Phase 1 in Vienna and Phase 2 in Stockholm.

Off to new adventures – my first day in the Austria hive

I started my first day of work with great excitement and eager anticipation of the challenge ahead. The excitement was dimmed by the fact that I headed to the wrong address and ended up arriving at the hive half an hour late. It was not an ideal start, but the team immediately welcomed me with open arms and showed me my workplace for the upcoming months. Right from day one, I felt warmly welcomed and at ease as every Nagarrian approached me in a friendly manner, and I knew that I could reach out to anyone at any time.

The marketing team members introduced me to some of the most important processes, and I was given exciting tasks to work on. I do not think feeling so comfortable in a company on your first day of work is usual, which is probably also related to Nagarro's unique CARING culture. But more about that later. So, my first day at work started off catastrophically but ended with immense joy and a wonderful working environment.

Day-to-day business in the hive

The next few weeks were an incredibly interesting experience for me as I met new people in the hive every day and found extraordinary joy in my tasks and activities. I got assigned a vast range of duties to accelerate my learning. In addition to researching social media campaigns, a critical experience that bolstered my comprehension of industry requisites and challenges, I was also repeatedly involved in ongoing industry projects and, thus, had the opportunity to expand my existing knowledge in the field of marketing. Furthermore, it was absolutely thrilling for me to participate in various meetings, allowing me to learn from numerous inspiring personalities. Even though I was fairly new to the organization and was not able to contribute a lot to these meetings, my colleagues always invited me to participate, enabling me to get hands-on experience in critical brainstorming sessions on marketing strategies.

A photo of Moritz in the Austria office during his summer internshipMoritz at the Austria office

After some time, I also became familiar with the capabilities of Microsoft SharePoint and immediately created my very first pages. I soon started creating pages tailored to the organization's specific needs of diverse business units. This opportunity sharpened my technical knowledge and showed me the significance of efficient internal communication. One of the most valuable opportunities during my internship was the daily meetings in which every Nagarrian could participate. In these meetings, all kinds of topics were discussed, allowing me to put my knowledge and skills to the test every day.

Stockholm – the home of digital payments

My stay in Stockholm proved to be the pinnacle of my internship, full of insightful learnings and indelible memories. Upon arrival, I had the opportunity to participate in a corporate golf tournament at one of the most beautiful golf clubs in Sweden and network with a variety of high-level employees from various industries. In addition to many pleasant discussions with my new colleagues, I was introduced to platforms such as HubSpot. I also got deep insights into the incredible effort required by companies to acquire new customers and maintain existing customer relationships.

Being raised in Vienna, I noticed quite a few differences in Stockholm compared to my hometown. One of the most striking differences I experienced was the almost complete abandonment of physical money. The city has embraced digital transactions in restaurants, street markets, and public transportation. This cashless society was simply impressive and illustrated the advanced state of payment technologies in the Swedish capital. This seamless transition to digital payments made for an inspiring glimpse into the future.

Moritz with a colleague in an event_Nagarro culture

Moritz with a colleague at an event

Nagarro's unique corporate culture

A defining characteristic of Nagarro that has significantly impacted my experience at the company is its inspiring and forward-thinking CARING culture.

At Nagarro, the ability to work from anywhere in the world is a game changer and offers unparalleled flexibility. This freedom to choose a workplace promotes work-life balance and encourages employees to work in an environment that fosters creativity and productivity. I enjoyed connecting with my other colleagues in the global marketing team virtually, and I was amazed by how diverse the marketing team was. Apart from Vienna, we had marketers from China, India, Romania, Portugal, Sri Lanka, Spain, Sweden, France, and many other countries, all connected virtually and working as one big team!

Another point that really sets Nagarro apart is its unusual organizational structure. Hierarchical barriers have been broken down to create an environment where all employees work together as equals. This flat hierarchy encourages open communication and a free exchange of ideas. Every team member has the opportunity to voice their opinion and contribute to the development of innovative solutions.

Moritz taking a break from work_Nagarro CARING cultureMoritz taking a fun break in between marketing sessions

For me, these values were unique and a truly exceptional benefit. As someone who appreciates being able to manage his own day as much as possible, I have enjoyed the opportunity to work from where I feel comfortable. Furthermore, I realized that a company without a specific hierarchy is always in a better position to find the perfect solution for clients’ issues, as every input is valued equally and thus results in a far more sophisticated approach to a given problem.

A company that truly conquered my heart

Back in Vienna, I can confirm that my internship at Nagarro was more than just an unforgettable learning experience. It was a profound insight into a future-oriented corporate culture. This job gave me priceless insights into IT Marketing and deepened my passion for innovation, artificial intelligence, and marketing. Stockholm allowed me to expand my vision of the world while gathering many new perspectives on the impact of technology on our daily lives. Overall, I had the pleasure of meeting many new people with incredible knowledge in their fields, who inspired me for my future. My summer internship at Nagarro was a time of growth, discovery, and inspiration – a chapter of my life I will never forget.

Moritz Mitterlehner
Moritz Mitterlehner