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Damianos Soumelidis
Damianos Soumelidis


Nagarro has developed a series of innovative ideas and use cases for companies around the world. Here are some examples and use cases of how we help companies innovate and develop new business models. 

Scenario 1: Connected workplaces

Nagarro developed an assisted reality-based idea for a telecom brand recently. The concept revolves around "connecting workplaces" in extreme conditions. With wearable technology such as smart glasses, information can be retrieved, transmitted, or exchanged between technicians in difficult situations, even on top of a radio mast. It is even possible for a technician to perform an immediate analysis remotely with the aid of external experts. The instructions from the expert can be delivered ad-hoc to the technician or through automatic documentation and immediate corrective actions can be initiated remotely.

Scenario 2: Virtual housing survey

Let's say you are looking for an apartment at the other end of the world and do not want to rely on an online photograph that could be far from accurate. With the help of virtual reality devices, it is possible to walk through the apartment and assess the actual condition of the property. As a pre-selection process you could choose the time and duration of your stay. In addition, these survey applications could even have interactive service systems such as chatbots integrated into them.

Scenario 3: Pest control in forestry

The idea of maintaining a forest sounds quite idyllic, but in reality is very complex. With the help of sensors, it is possible to detect harmful insects everywhere and thus control them in a targeted manner. For this purpose, behavioral patterns are recorded and evaluated using analytics. Pheromone traps with sensors react quickly and efficiently, reducing large quantities of pesticides where they might not be needed.

Scenario 4: Vacation with chatbots

The tourism industry is service-oriented. However, service providers often struggle with delivering personalized experiences. Particularly during the holiday season, personalized services such as round-the-clock availability is a challenge. Chatbots – automated, semantic information systems and smart devices – can come to the rescue. The technology is new yet shows promise. Soon people might also be able to seek advice via voice control asking Alexa  "Alexa, can you tell me which restaurant serves the best blueberry pancakes?” First execution scenarios are already working today.

Practical example: Cloud, IT, & data security

For all above-mentioned scenarios, Cloud technologies are not on the "if-then" but on the "how-to" list. Therefore, as an important recommendation for action, experts advise a rapid analysis of the top cloud strategies. When asked about the right approach, Nagarro differentiates between 3 areas in order to take the issue of data security into account. To know more click here.

For these use cases, first proto-types are already being implemented with customers. Watch out for successful case studies in future. Meanwhile, you can browse through our Innovation Toolkit, an effective tool to be used in workshop mode or in brainstorming sessions. Feel free to connect with our experts at for more on how to use this toolkit.

Innovation Toolkit  


Innovation , Cloud

Damianos Soumelidis
Damianos Soumelidis

Innovation , Cloud