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Dr. Bernd Schulze
Dr. Bernd Schulze

It is happening all around us! Evolving consumer demands and regulations, maturing technologies, and increased competition from FinTechs and DeepTechs drive the need for API-enabled business transformation and innovation.

Enough of the why. Let's get to the what! Here are 10 potential pitfalls we recommend you as a bank or financial service organization avoiding in your API-fication journey:


  1. We already use APIs! We don't need to leverage advanced API management.
  2. API management? IT takes care of that. Let them worry about it.  
  3. IT should take care of it? Well, we are waiting for the business units to define the requirements.
  4. For now, open banking and embedded finance do not concern us.
  5. We don't need agile enterprise architecture management yet!
  6. API platforms? We are not even cloud-based yet. How could we even start thinking about API management?
  7. Our current approach already covers API security and analytics. We should be fine. 
  8. Who are you kidding? Investments in advanced API management don't pay off.
  9. We don't need an API strategy; we can do a trial & error approach. One day we will get it right!
  10. KPIs are not required. Too much overload.

API enabled digital transformation - pitfalls BFSI should avoid


Are you interested in discussing with us secrets of success, promising use cases, and reasonable steps to kickstart a new initiative on advanced API management? Let's talk! 🙂


Learn more about API-enabled digital transformation for financial services here:

Dr. Bernd Schulze
Dr. Bernd Schulze