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Anshuman Bhuchar
Anshuman Bhuchar

New surroundings, unfamiliar faces and a sudden flood of information can overwhelm even the best-prepared students. An overwhelming feeling, triggered by a tidal wave of “unknowns” and “what” if" questions, crashes over them when they start at a new university. What if I fail this course? How do I find a study group? Where should I even start this research work? Will I be able to maintain my scholarship?

Little wonder, then, that we face a problem of high dropout rates worldwide.

Did you know, at 4-year institutions in the US, 24.4% of first-time, full-time college first-year students dropped out between 2022 and 2023.

For a student who is leaving home for the first time, traveling overseas, and joining an undergraduate program in a different country, uncertainties can quickly snowball into stress and hinder academic performance. An AI-powered conversational companion can step in to help students conquer the unknowns.

What’s an AI conversation companion?

AI conversational companion is a virtual friend and guide ready to support them through the thick and thin of university life. By creating a supportive environment, fostering exploration, and offering personalized learning support, AI companions can help students not just cope with the unknown but thrive in the face of it.

Take a look at what Nagarro’s conversational companion can do to enable optimal learnings experiences:

AI can help your students take on and conquer the unknown.

Your Higher Education Institution (HEI) already has a wealth of knowledge and an intrinsic understanding of the challenges that a new student faces. This wealth of knowledge can be leveraged through a conversational companion to help onboard new students seamlessly and get them setup for a unique and connected experience at your HEI.

Why does your HEI need a conversational companion?

  • Seamless onboarding: The AI companion will be a constant guide to your students, right from the admission process to getting acquainted with campus resources to transitioning them into the university life.
  • Round-the-clock support: While human advisors are just around the corner, their presence would be limited to certain hours of the day. The AI companion is always available to answer questions, offer reassurance, and guide students in the right direction.
  • Personalized guidance: By learning about the student's interests, program, and needs, the companion can personalize its responses and recommendations, providing targeted support.
  • Staying connected: By leveraging the HEI's knowledge of events, clubs, and student organizations, the companion can help new students connect with others who share their interests, inculcate a sense of belonging and community in your students.
  • Overall well-being awareness: The conversational companion goes beyond academic queries like on relevant resources or project deadlines. It will offer support for your students’ mental and emotional well-being while they navigate the university life, helping them avail relevant campus services like counselling and health centres.

Your conversational companion in action!

Let’s look at some real-world scenarios to see how a conversational companion can help your students.

  1. Meet Rupali – a 17-year-old starting her undergraduate program at a top university in the US. She hails from a tier-2 town and has never been outside India nor lived away from her parents. After her acceptance, her university sent her information about using her personalized conversational companion.

    Curious, she tries it out. She quickly gets a preparation checklist that helps identify places to stay in the city, work out her monthly budget based on past student trends, and even connect with her batchmates. She asks questions and gets quick responses to her queries no matter the time of the day.

    Gathering all this information and being well prepared for the new adventure put her mind at ease and helped her parents feel comfortable about their child leaving home for the first time

  2. Now, let’s meet Sean—a 35-year-old from Melbourne who is planning to pursue his MBA from a top university in Australia. After enrolling, he is unsure how he will fit in with the other students. He has a lot to offer his class in terms of his experience but does not know how to go about it. He receives information about using his personalized conversational companion from his university before term.

    He uses the tool to understand the incoming class profile, volunteer for clubs, and apply for housing on campus. He can also look at the courses on offer, make his selections well in advance of the program's start, and plan how he will contribute to the class.

Beyond Academics: Nuanced support for university life

A conversational companion’s support extends to every aspect of university life. If a student is feeling lost on campus, it can act as their virtual guide, providing directions to buildings, suggesting places to eat, and even helping them discover hidden gems on campus. If they are anxious about joining a club, it can help them find groups that align with their interests and help them socialize and make friends. It can provide ready accessible information on these topics like navigating campus, policies, financial aid options, or even healthcare resources.

The future of AI in education

AI conversational companions are on the leading edge of enabling and enhancing learning experiences. AI companions not just offer guidance to students but also promote self-reliance while addressing the unique challenges a student new to university life may face. AI companions are revolutionizing the educational experience as they empower students to navigate the university jungle and help them thrive academically.

Ready to start your journey?

If you're curious to learn more about our unique conversational companion and how it can support your university experience, get in touch with us today.

Anshuman Bhuchar
Anshuman Bhuchar