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Sabrina Floh
Sabrina Floh
Daniel Zainzinger
Daniel Zainzinger

Project Managers are a unique lot - they do not need any specific skillset. They are very versatile, with different abilities, strengths, and personalities. This fact is very special, and at Nagarro, we want to build further on this.

We interviewed five colleagues about their working types and role as Project Managers at Nagarro. They could turn out to be quite different from a typical PM persona, but they all contribute towards making us a successful company.

Do you sometimes think you don't really ‘fit in’ at your company? Do you think you can utilize your abilities better? As long as you have what it takes to run a project successfully, we welcome you and celebrate your specialties. Whether you're adventurous like a maverick, introverted like a sensei, or open and fun like a socializer, Nagarro is the place for you.

Hiring Project Managers_Individual colleagues_ -02-min  MAVERICK - Clemens Mensik 

If I had to choose one of the five types of Project Managers, I would take the Maverick because I get to define the tune of how work is done.

A Maverick goes his/her own way, no matter what. He/she does what he/she thinks is right and doesn't get sidetracked. In this way, he/she becomes a role model that people follow when they see that his practices work. And I define myself as that: I lead, I coach, and I inspire. By walking my individual path, I have always led the team to success. All in all, the Project Manager role fits me perfectly because it allows me to show my team, and everyone involved, that success is always a team effort and failures are another opportunity for the team to learn and grow. Nagarro gives me and all Nagarrians in my team the perfect support. Nagarro even goes a step further and encourages me to look for certifications and training that I think would be the best fit for me. Moreover, working among like-minded people motivates me even more, to do good work and exchange my ideas with others.

Hiring Project Managers_Individual colleagues_ -04-min  MONK - Pamela Surtman

I most relate to the Monk type because I’m extremely positive and convinced about being able to solve every puzzle and challenge. I also work in good consensus with others so that everybody is finally a winner.

I see myself as a well-structured and analytical project entrepreneur. I lead projects by example, with a huge focus on empathy and teamwork. At the same time, I’m absolutely solution-oriented, always keeping the big strategic picture in mind, every single day. That’s why the Project Manager role fits perfectly for me! I can use all my different talents, broad knowledge, and social skills to realize great projects, programs, and initiatives that create real value for a lot of people – our customers, our partners, and our wonderful company: Nagarro.

What do I enjoy the most in my role as a Project Manager at Nagarro? The opportunity to work in an environment with highly skilled professionals, where we deliver great projects, programs, and initiatives, support each other, working very close as ONE team on professional solution delivery, while also having fun and a good work-life balance. Together, we are CARING!

Hiring Project Managers_Individual colleagues_ -03-min  SOCIALIZER - Markus Kavelar

I’m a Socializer because I value the social aspects of project work. It’s my key to success, and I enjoy talking to people and trying to help them. As a Socializer, I know a lot of people and can bring them together to solve any problem. Maintaining and advancing my own network is a key factor in my projects’ success. Since it is so important to me, I always take a special look at my social environment.

I want to collaborate with colleagues at eye level. I want to support them and provide a toolbox that they can choose from. I try to remove as many obstacles as possible, to create an efficient working environment for the project. Being very solution-oriented, I am always available if any Nagarrians or colleagues need my help. To achieve better collaboration on projects, I provide a big picture of the project and make the added value visible.

Personally, I love the Project Manager role because I love to meet new people and work with them to achieve common goals. A project is a social system where everyone works towards a common goal. It is not the work of one person, but a team effort. As a Project Manager, I can set the frame in which colleagues can work, without being too distracted. With the help of Project Manager tools, this frame can be more specific and optimized to the people and project needs. I also consider it important to maintain a balance between project frame and trouble-free collaboration. Nagarro encourages me and helps me improve in the field of project management, without putting any pressure on me. Every suggestion is taken seriously and is evaluated. It does not matter whether a proposal is put forward by a junior or a senior. Every voice matters!

If you have any questions or need some help, a Nagarrian is always around to help you. The mentality at Nagarro is very diverse, open-minded, and welcoming. Every colleague lives our CARING values. Nagarro is a great place to work, where you can advance your professional career while working with great colleagues and attending awesome events!

Hiring Project Managers_Individual colleagues_ -05-min  PACESETTER - Vincent Walland

I like to work at my own pace and style, so I think the Pacesetter matches me best.

First and foremost, the pacesetter for me is a leader, with the ability to demonstrate high performance, high pace and high quality of work. He or she sets a good example in the work environment, by showing clear directions, strength, and determination to solve whatever the challenges might be. I consider myself to be a Project Manager with the ability to set the (right) pace in projects, as this is essential for the job to be executed and completed in a timely manner and under the given conditions. Furthermore, as an expert in my field, I set trends in order to execute the assignments efficiently, as well as take initiative, set the right directions and actions in order to push the project further.

The Project Manager role at Nagarro is ideal for me because that’s what I love and what I’m good at. I appreciate the opportunity to work autonomously, in a self-organized manner while being part of Nagarro’s truly professional framework AND a very nice workplace. As a pacesetter, I enjoy responsibility and foster Nagarro’s Project-CEO centric approach, which is extremely ownership-driven. I can help make Nagarro a successful business model that cares deeply for its members.

Hiring Project Managers_Individual colleagues_ -01-min  SENSEI - Michael Rurländer

I consider myself a Sensei, as I am a master of my mind.

For me, Sensei are people who have climbed many mountains in their life and now share their experiences with others to help them achieve their personal and professional goals. A Sensei is dedicated to continuing education, is willing to learn, and serves as a role model for all Nagarrians. 

To describe myself, I would like to share a quote from my mentor: "Project management delivers nothing but success".

Together with the project sponsor, I always build a strong team to lead ideas into reality. I do this in a structured and coordinated way, taking into account the holistic project environment. This is what project management means for me personally – a perfect discipline and systemic approach in a connected and inter-related world.

Nagarro has created optimal structures to share knowledge and support project managers across all experience levels. We regularly evaluate trends and influences on project management and place a high value on continuing education in terms of global standards as well as individual competencies. A key point in my motivation is the topic of sustainability in Project Management, which appeals to me personally. It is now becoming increasingly relevant to our clients and gives me the confidence to focus not only on temporary goals, but also on regenerative developments for the future.

As Nagarro, we are constantly adapting to the market requirements with our CARING mindset and culture and helping our clients in mastering their challenges through business excellence consulting.

Sabrina Floh
Sabrina Floh
Daniel Zainzinger
Daniel Zainzinger