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Arunava Paul
Arunava Paul

In the ever-evolving landscape of API management, where reliability and speed are paramount, there has been a paradigm shift towards a more automated and efficient approach. This is why businesses in industries like the automotive sector are also seeking innovative solutions to enhance their API programs. With increasing cloud adoption, new age API management programs should also be able to provide for more cloud-native and multi-cloud deployments as well as on-prem application integrations.

Enter Kong API Management, a game-changer in the realm of APIOps, offering a unique blend of GitOps and DevOps methodologies. Discover How Kong APIOps not only accelerates innovation but also slashes costs by as much as 30%, driving unparalleled efficiency and savings.


Why is efficient API Lifecycle Management so important?


API management has grown from the humble beginnings of overseeing and controlling APIs in a secure and stable environment. Modern API programs need to cater to unprecedented no of transactions across various types consuming applications. Therefore, it is necessary to have proper governance of API lifecycle to ensure highly reliable APIs to derive developer engagement.

With increasing cloud adoption, new age API management programs need to be able to provide for more cloud-native and multi-cloud deployments as well as on-prem application integrations.

The typical process flow for any API program starts with designing the API as a Swagger specification and developing the API on the preferred language stack. After that, the relevant API Management capabilities on the API are added and published as a product on the developer portal.

API programs often stumble when they overlook the crucial aspects of reliability, availability, and uniformity in API development. Beyond the typical steps of designing, developing, and managing APIs, program managers must prioritize the entire lifecycle, ensuring a seamless experience for developers and consumers alike. The challenge lies in balancing reliability checks without compromising the speed of delivery for new APIs and services. This is where we can leverage APIOps, a methodology that addresses these challenges head-on.


Say hello to Kong APIOps  


APIOps, fueled by the principles of GitOps and DevOps, emerges as a saviour for API programs. By utilizing a Git repository as the source of truth for all configurations related to API deployments, Kong ensures that standards are maintained across the platform. This not only accelerates API development but also guarantees consistency and reliability. The threefold benefits of reduced development times, consistent API delivery, and lower costs make APIOps a strategic choice for businesses.


Bridging the automation gap with Kong APIM

A deep dive into existing API management tools reveals a gap in automation, requiring customizations and in-house scripting for various operational scenarios. Kong APIM fills this void by offering a platform built on the pillars of automation, observability, and performance. Supporting multi-cloud and on-prem deployments, Kong provides two major options: Kong OSS (Open Source) and Kong Gateway Enterprise.

Kong OSS

Kong OSS is an open-source package that offers basic API gateway functionality and open-source plugins. Developers can manage the open-source gateway using Kong's Admin API, Kong Manager Open Source, or declarative configuration. This provides a solid foundation for businesses to kickstart their APIOps journey with minimal configuration.

Kong Gateway Enterprise

Kong Gateway Enterprise, available in Free or Enterprise mode, extends the basic open-source functionality. With an Enterprise subscription, additional features such as RBAC (Role-Based Access Control) and Enterprise plugins enhance the capabilities of Kong, providing a comprehensive solution for businesses with diverse needs.

Seamless Integration with Insomnia and Deck

Kong recommends the use of its Insomnia tool for designing API specs, seamlessly integrating the design process with API management configurations like authentication and rate limiting. The design spec, created in Insomnia, ensures consistency in configurations. Kong's tool, Deck, further enhances automation by reading configuration files and creating the necessary API management constructs. This applies not only to specific APIs but also to the entire platform, extending the benefits of APIOps to Kubernetes environments through familiar kubectl commands.

Unleashing next-generation APIOps capabilities

With source code repositories as the backbone, Kong enables businesses to embrace next-generation APIOps capabilities. The streamlined process, from API design to quick configuration and deployment, translates to significant cost savings. Kong customers have reported up to 30% reduction in infrastructure costs and 20% savings on development efforts.


In areas like the automotive industry, where innovation is key and efficiency is non-negotiable, Kong-based APIOps have emerged as a strategic choice. By addressing the critical aspects of reliability, consistency, and automation, Kong API Management paves the way for businesses to not only meet but exceed their API program goals. The seamless integration of Insomnia, the power of Deck, and the flexibility of Kong OSS and Kong Gateway Enterprise make Kong a versatile and powerful solution. As businesses embark on their APIOps journey with Kong, they unlock a new era of cost savings, accelerated development, and a competitive edge in the dynamic industry landscape. If these advantages appeal to you, you must consider using Kong APIOps – where reliability meets speed, and innovation takes the driver's seat.   

Arunava Paul
Arunava Paul