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Team Intimacy in the time of COVID19

It is becoming critical to increase emotional proximity between team members to battle the effects of Social Distancing and ‘Work From Home’ (WFH) isolation.

CARING@Nagarro: Christoph Reissner on embracing ‘Agile’

CARING is a core value at Nagarro. It is also an acronym for six values that provide us with a guiding light and reflect the unique culture of Nagarro. During the last couple of months, I had the pleasure of interviewing colleagues from all over the ...

Effective remote working: Tips for productivity and collaboration

In the first part of the effective remote working series, we discussed some useful practices and tips to follow when you switch to working remotely. With those baselines established, part two here deals with how all of us can ensure high ...

4 Emerging trends and challenges shaping the future of the media industry

A digital media trends survey found that 69% of respondents subscribed to at least one streaming video service. With COVID-19 impacting the economy and the pandemic hitting most of the businesses, quarantine and social distancing is significantly ...

CARING@Nagarro: Briggs Patterson on being ‘Client-centric’

CARING – being empathetic, respectful and non-judgmental - is a core value here at Nagarro. At the same time, it’s an acronym for six other core values⁠ - Client-centric, Agile, Responsible, Intelligent, Non-hierarchical, and Global⁠ - that are part ...

Effective remote working: Tips for you and your team

The recent Coronavirus outbreak has shaken things up and has also given us a fresh perspective on life and situations. We had to quickly adapt to the changing circumstances and switch to an alternative form of working: remote working, or popularly ...

UX Writing: Everyday conversations with an app

When we read, we consider words as pictures and hear them spoken aloud. - Stephani Sutherland, Neuroscientist and Science Journalist

Using threat modeling to ensure better security

Do you think that a software can never be breached simply because one has bought the best of IT equipment, firewalls, and antivirus? Well, think again! By the end of this post, you might begin to re-evaluate your security parameters.

Millennials and the Cloud: A perfect match!

On February 26, an exclusive group of digital leaders met at the Quality Leadership Circle to discuss about "Cloud, what else?" and explore the challenges and opportunities in adopting cloud strategies.

Behavior Driven Development (BDD) in an agile context: A real-life project experience

Behavior Driven Development (BDD) is a method invented by Dan North that focuses on describing application behavior in a formalized notation using concrete examples. When it comes to implementing BDD in a real project, it has many advantages but ...
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