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Deploy Atlassian Data Centre applications on AWS

Atlassian suite and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are two of the most prevalent solutions in today’s world. The customizable cloud can be tweaked to work with Data Center applications like Jira software, Jira service desk, Bitbucket, and Confluence. The cloud-based Atlassian environment is reliable, available, secure, and scalable. Connect these dots and you get a melting pot of seamless integration within the toolset with endless possibilities of customization - an ideal choice for teams of all sizes and skill sets. So, is there a quick and simple way to deploy Atlassian apps on AWS?

Democratizing digital transformation of financial services via low-code platforms

With digital transformation in vogue, financial services players (FSPs) have had to redefine their priorities to remain sustainable. However, even after significant technological investments in change the business, the overall results are nowhere close to the expectations of FSPs and consumers.

Automate your Jira projects in 5 easy steps

Let’s get this straight: No one likes doing repetitive tasks for days or weeks, certainly not for months (or God forbid, longer!).When it comes to agile, creating Atlassian Jira projects is one such repetitive task that anyone would love to avoid doing day in, day out. Enter – automation!

Should bug fixing be a part of scrum team velocity?

Over the span of my decade-long tryst with the agile ways of working as a developer, technical lead, scrum master, and coach, one question has confronted me the most: Should we account defects as part of velocity or not? In this blog, I will summarize the different perspectives and suggest an approach that works for me.

Harnessing tech for humanity: How nonprofits can go mobile

According to GSMA's real-time intelligence data, the number of people using mobile devices worldwide has crossed 5.24 billion. To include this digital native population, nonprofits need to significantly improve their online presence.

Interview: Ritesh Gupta on how railroads need to realign their tech strategies for 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has left no industry untouched, including railroads. Even though the industry is at the forefront of providing essential services in times of crisis, its overall growth has slumped. We sat down with Ritesh Gupta (Nagarro’s Practice Lead for Freight Transportation), to analyze how the industry perceives this pandemic as a challenge and how technology is helping railroads come back on track.

Legacy code factoring in test automation

As a software developer, you are probably familiar with the buzzwords 'legacy code‘ and 'refactoring‘. In test automation (TA), these terms are less common, despite the fact that many TA setups have a significant amount of legacy code long overdue for refactoring.

The post-COVID workplace – 4 steps to adapt to the new normal

A lot has been said about life after COVID-19. What will ‘the new normal’ look like, after this pandemic is behind us? It is important to understand that this new normal will be very different from the previous status quo.

Why I choose Nagarro

As an employee, how do I see Nagarro and what makes Nagarro a unique employer? In this article, I'd like to share my thoughts on why Nagarro really has ‘dream job potential’ for me. To be honest, from the outside, Nagarro looks like one of those large organizations. But after entering the office, one can instantly see a super modern office with a friendly, young and informal atmosphere among the employees. Nagarro doesn´t give the impression of just another company, but of a new-age, welcoming workplace—right in line with the spirit of the times!  

Doors opened by big tech and non-banking networks: Repercussions for traditional banking

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed all the traditional boundaries across every sector. New firms are challenging incumbents in every sphere. Take, for example, Elon Musk – apart from informing everyone that the earth has faced at least five extinction-level events, he has been suggesting that we should colonize Mars in order to re-establish humanity on earth, in case another one strikes. No wonder, SpaceX has been positioned as a survival endgame in such a scenario.

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