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Event Summary

Connected Enterprise Showcase in Vienna
Visitors from companies like KTM, OMV, Austrian Post, Hörbiger, Paysafe, Skidata and many more joined us and took away new ideas around meaningful application scenarios for their company, becoming a Connected Enterprise. Also Walter Sieberer shared his experience in KTMs innovation journey. Partnering with Microsoft, IoT Expert Milos Loncar shared his learnings on why IoT projects normally fail and gave tips, how to succeed with IoT Implementations.

At our hands-on demo booths our visitors could try industry use-cases for

  • Smart factory, showcasing predictive maintenance across multiple plants, the connected worker incl. training scenario with HoloLens and AI based security and safety
  • Smart warehousing, showing a smart inspection and pick and stock solution with the help of drones and finger-ring scanners
  • Smart procurement with the help of blockchain
We are looking forward to continuing the conversation with all interested visitors. Here a short summary, especially for those who could not make it this time!


Presentation Download - Expert Talks


Blockchain-Technology for supply chain traceability
Through a scalable and enterprise ready solution on blockchain, the procurement department of a factory can mitigate challenges using blockchain technology, like cost-reduction, traceability, transparency, security and efficiency.
The concept of connected sites
There are four important elements of a smart factory: The concept of connected sites and their connected worker, the maintenance prediction of a machine, the immersive training on HoloLens, and finally the quality check of the product. The first element demonstrates the enhanced capability of a connected worker in a smart factory, that is automated data ingestion from machines producing cookies on shop floor or real time analytics for the operator on the shop floor.
Predictive Analysis
Smart, fast and efficient quality check is essential in production processes. This Nagarro demo shows how to drive predictive maintenance using the machine learning algorithm.
Smart glass & Chatbot worker support in case of production violation
In this demo we show how the connected worker gets support through step-by-step instructions via Smart Glass to repair a broken machine, error analysis and support by virtual assistants/chatbot in case of insufficient worker know-how and remote virtual expert support, connected via chat and video to solve the identified problem.
Using HoloLens for training of machine & parts
A new, cheaper and faster way to train workers shows our HoloLens demo: Even after a new worker has done the trainings, they still require some help or guidance when they actually start working on the machine. We propose Augmented Reality based training using HoloLens. Using a HoloLens, the worker can go through the training on a 3D machine model and learn how to operate it and its parts.
AI powered quality check on production line
To have smart, fast and efficient quality checks of the products during production, we demonstrate the vision of using Artificial Intelligence in a Cookie-Factory. Cookies, that are not in line with the desired quality, will easily be sorted out. A camera mounted on the conveyer belt will capture image of the cookies. The image will then be processed by the AI engine and checked against various parameters to determine the quality of the cookie. Furthermore, metal detection sensors can be attached to the conveyer belt und alert once metal has been registered. The information and analysis will be evaluated by AI engine to predict and prevent the occurrences.
Video-based analytics to increase safety & security
This demo on AI simulates how to use video-based analytics for person and space tracking with the goal to increase safety and security. The camera is constantly looking at the work-station and the worker and realizes if the assigned worker is at the right station, if there are multiple worker at the station or how the personal mood of the worker at the workstation is.
Pick and stock using smart glass and finger ring scanner
Usually pickers carry a print-out list of the items to pick. They keep on marking the items as they pick them. Naturally, this process suffers from various issues. With the help of a finger ring scanner and a smart glass, workers are able to pick and stock much more precisely, on time and in the right order.
Drone used for inspection and inventory checks
What’s this demo about? A warehouse manager is struggling with industrial pipes on the ceiling that leak due to corrosion. The leakage results into broken product boxes and thus increased costs. Furthermore, the manual counting of the boxes in the shelves is very time-consuming. We, at Nagarro, help with a UAV Machine (Drone) powered by an AI engine: It flies autonomously, captures images, checks corrosion and suggests maintenance. Furthermore, is the drone used to identify empty shelves and optimizes the inbound process.