Einzelhandel und Konsumgüter

Millennials are going to be the major driver of retail growth in the coming years. They also happen to be very hard to satisfy! Perhaps the savviest generation of consumers ever, they smartly leverage technologies like mobile and social to crowd-source information on even the most mundane of purchases. There has never been a greater demand for high variety, fast fashion and instant gratification. Servicing this burgeoning complexity and volatility is expensive, and there are constraints in terms of human and physical capacity.

Luckily for retailers, the very same technologies can come to their rescue. Cheap computing power now provides analytics and optimization at a scale reserved previously for large projects like the CERN project or the Mars landings. Whether is it reducing supply chain inefficiencies, increasing accuracy of demand forecasting or executing multi-channel engagement strategies, we believe a comprehensive step by step approach to analytics and optimization to optimize the enterprise is needed.

This requires agility, and expertise. Our retail consultants, with their vast experience, understand the tricks of the trade, and help retailers undergo digital transformation so that they can meet the demand of their very demanding customers… and pamper them.

Our specialized offerings in Retail & CPG include:

E-Commerce systems
We provide high-end technical and solution consulting services for e-Commerce platforms such as hybris and Magento. Nagarro is a hybris Global Partner and works on omni-channel initiatives both with end customers and with other hybris partners around the globe.
Fashion supply chain optimization solutions
We have special expertise developing optimization systems for fashion supply chains where short product lifecycles and short full-margin windows require a different approach to modelling, simulation and mathematical optimization. Nagarro’s solutions help customers hedge their supply chain plans to achieve more full-price sales.
Enterprise systems to enterprise vision
Our partnerships with the likes of SAP, Microsoft, Infor and Salesforce enable us to seamlessly integrate all the different parts of your businesses and align them to realize your company’s overarching vision.
Material tracking systems
Our IDLogSuite suite comprises pre-built and highly adaptable components and powerful tools that facilitate fast and flexible implementation of mobile solutions in the areas of inventory, logistics, service, and product tracking. IDLogSuite can be used with barcodes, RFID tags, or any other part tracking mechanisms.
Big Data and analytics solutions

Our analytics platforms allow retailers to unlock value from the large volumes of transaction data that they possess as well as the large amount of unstructured data available from other sources such as website interactions, social media, magazine reviews and so on. This can be used to drive better service offerings, underpin loyalty programs and build stronger relationships with each individual customer. Our technology partners in this space include SAP HANA and Marklogic.

OneView Commerce
With OneView Commerce partnership, we offer a mobile point of sale (mPOS) solution that merges the digital and physical experiences in store. OneView allows the solution to work with your eCommerce platform to deliver a single source of commerce across the brand, which is capable of providing a truly Omni-channel experience to customers as they move across digital and physical channels.