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07 Jul
09:30 – 10:30 AM PST
Our Latest Talk
By Nagarro
3 min
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Nagarro’s 2nd annual report as a publicly-listed company


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success story

Our partnership with the BMW Group


TESVOLT chooses Nagarro as a partner

in their digital transformation journey

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We excel at digital product engineering. We solve complex business challenges through agility and innovation. We call it 

thinking breakthroughs.

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see how we have helped industry leaders embrace digitalization and accelerate technology-led innovation.

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Enabling premium riding experiences for motorcycle enthusiasts across the world

How we helped

"BMW Rent A Ride: An experiential end-to-end platform enhancing the joy of riding
Read the story

Roland Schütz, CIO, Lufthansa Group on partnership with Nagarro

How we helped

Digital transformation and innovation
See the video

ÖBB-Postbus on using automated processes with Assisted Reality

How we helped

Smart glasses and Assisted Reality
See the video

A one-stop-shop for customer service management

How we helped

We developed VISTRA application to streamline internal processes, manage and track different product parts and enhance maintenance. 
Read the story
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We care.
Caring is our superpower.

it drives us to deliver excellence to our clients


We leverage our expertise across multiple business functions to drive technology-led business breakthroughs.


Call it what you want, innovation, disruption or transformation, it touches every part of your business. We are your turnkey partner.

it makes us responsible

it makes us better colleagues

We are a Nation of Nagarrians

We are not trying to emulate the companies of yesterday, we are the company of tomorrow. We are the future, logistically apart, together always.

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