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Powering your digital transformation journey

The convergence of business and IT has led to a wave of digital transformation in the travel and logistics space. The advent of new technologies and an increasing expectation for real-time engagement with customers throughout their journey is transforming the way business is being done, with big data being the driving point for innovative strategies. These changing needs must prompt organizations to adapt their systems and processes to an agile framework conducive to innovation. Our travel and logistics experts cater to evolving market dynamics, adaptive planning, and early delivery.

what we do for

We work across a diverse ecosystem of airlines and travel technology providers to help embrace digitization and enable swift decisions for strategic initiatives. From legacy modernization to enhanced passenger experience to cost optimization, we have deep expertise in different areas like operations, commercials, cargo, and MRO. Our product engineering solutions give a competitive advantage for our clients.

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Ground Transportation

We help digitize and optimize operations through our Connected Travel experience and make them more passenger-centric. Powered by technology and data, our tailored solutions help multiple ground transportation companies achieve better operational efficiency, provide easy ticketing, streamline communication, enable sustainable mobility, and facilitate targeted marketing.

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Logistics & Transportation

We solve complex business problems through digital initiatives across the complete value chain, covering order management, different modes of transportation (including intermodal), warehousing, and last-mile delivery. We collaborate with our customers to develop strong digital solutions leveraging technologies covering B2C and B2B eCommerce, transportation enablement and optimization, predicting and optimizing last-mile delivery, and warehousing automation.

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We help leading airports across the globe accelerate their digitization journey and gain a competitive advantage. With our deep domain expertise, we create tailor-made solutions for better passenger experiences and more efficient operations, powered by data and AI. Our intelligent solutions provide actionable insights for making the right decisions to meet crucial airport KPIs.

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We focus on the niche of innovation for the hospitality industry. Be it understanding the dynamics of guests in hotels or on-boarding cruise passengers, we help our clients reimagine the journey and adapt to the digital customer's needs. Our expertise in curating 'Smart' & 'Sustainable' operations helps fast track your digitization journey.

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Travel Agencies
We strive to digitize travel agencies and travel management companies and leverage our expertise to curate omni-channel solutions to meet the needs of a tech-savvy traveler. We help build innovative solutions across the traveler journey, from personalized marketing solutions to integrated booking platforms for flight, hotel, car rental, and ancillary reservations to customer support solutions.

featured success stories

WebBeds API Management Case Study

Optimized the search engine for WebBeds marketplace, helping them manage API requests better.
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WebBeds_API management

Evolving in the digital landscape

Creating a user-friendly CMS portal.

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Star Alliance_Creating an intuitive, rich UI and state-of-the-art CMS portal_social

Launching an airline – a perfect takeoff, in just six months

Helping Flyr become a 100% cloud-native airline.
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Flyr Banner

Legacy modernization for exponential growth

A data lake infrastructure implementation on Azure Cloud
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AI used in Supply Chain Management

Redeeming smiles for over 35 million customers

A transformative user experience with the new Miles & More loyalty program app built using Flutter technology.
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Migrating Miles and More app to hybrid cross-platform technology

1 single app for 26 airlines

A mobile flight-and-fare search solution to improve the Star Alliance travel ecosystem spanning 197 countries through 26 airlines, and thereby service the millions of Star Alliance flyers.
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Star Alliance_small

Modernizing cities with sustainable mobility

An Assisted Reality solution using Smart Glasses for the visually impaired to access safe and sustainable transport systems and ensure smooth navigation.
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Taking flight: Designing automated test frameworks

Find how Nagarro migrated the core apps with minimal downtime for Vienna International Airport.
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Nagarro has provided tremendous support in consulting, helping select core systems, setting up our cloud infrastructure, developing and integrating systems, and supporting our IT operation in getting our product to the market. Their airline experience and in-depth understanding of what it takes to build a truly digital-first company, coupled with their agile mindset and people who’re willing to go the extra mile, make Nagarro a great partner that we’re grateful to have by our side.

Nagarro behaves like a start-up, ready for anything, very result oriented and not dwindling until we as a customer have gotten what we want. This form of cooperation inspires us even in times of digital transformation. I wish we as an entire company were as far as we are in the relationship with Nagarro in our software development projects.

Working with Nagarro has been a complete success as they go above and beyond in development. Not only do they take care to provide the best possible solution, but they also ensure that we are well prepared for the future. What's more, the new application is not only more innovative, but also more cost-efficient - a positive side effect for us, of course. Our customers also benefit from a much faster, simpler and reliable application, through which we can constantly surprise them with new and interesting features.

We enjoy a long-term partnership with Nagarro, as they have always understood our needs and have always delivered the right solution. It is easy to get caught up in the complexity of things, but with Nagarro, there is always more focus on the result, the destination, and how it will better our operations. The importance and mutual benefits of this relationship has been proven once more during COVID-19

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