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27 - 28 Jan
10:30 - 17:30 EDT
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By Suresh Sunderrajan, Venkat Srinivasan
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Unlock your AI potential

Are your business processes manual and resource-intensive? AI is excellent in automating complex business processes that are close to impossible to automate with traditional approaches. Are the current future predictions for your business based more on gut feeling instead of historical data? AI can produce accurate predictions of the future based on historical data, easily considering hundreds of influencing factors.

Is keeping up your product quality a challenge? AI-powered visual recognition detects quality issues automatically and can be seamlessly integrated in your production pipeline. Are you overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information to be managed from various sources? AI is able to extract relevant information from documents to make informed decisions.

Start your AI journey with us!

what we do
Big Data

We excel in data architecture, design, and delivery of enterprise-scale, on-premise, or on-cloud big-data solutions. Our strategic partnerships with Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, and others enable us to provide leading-edge solutions.

Business Intelligence

We leverage leading technologies to ingest data from various sources, process and enrich it, and store it in logical data warehouses. We build easy-to-use and interactive dashboards to deliver actionable insights, even with self-service mode.

Data-driven Decisions
Our vast experience in predictive modeling and decision support brings actionable intelligence to your business. Choose our scalable end-to-end solutions, continuous model training, and MLOps for on-cloud and on-premise applications.
Image and Document Analysis

We apply machine learning to all different data sources such as images, videos, and text in natural language. Automate complex processes and extract important information in an intelligent way with our dedicated solutions in computer vision and natural language processing.


Our AI chatbot practice helps clients to reduce operation and support costs. Leveraging MS Bot Frameworks, Google Dialog flow, RASA, or IBM Watson Assistant, we build conversational AI for helpdesks facing clients or employees.


Our ready-to-use components allow rapid development in various areas of artificial intelligence and big data. They cover a variety of business areas from sales and marketing, logistics, to enterprise platforms. Click here for details.

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Leveraging AI for automated vehicle evaluation

A machine vision-based digital solution to improve the vehicle inspection process.
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Building a Smarter Factory with SAP re-engineering and AI

Redesigning SAP processes and building a Swarm Intelligence-based job scheduling solution to optimize production planning process.
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Building a futuristic data processing platform

An end-to-end data platform to process, store and distribute large volumes of structured and unstructured data.
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Thanks to Nagarro for accompanying our journey to better understand player behavior. Nagarro has always been exceptionally helpful in removing the small and big obstacles on our path to the cloud and to big data.
Björn Lobe
Head of Data Science

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