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31 Jul - 03 Aug
Booth #3, La Cantera Resort & Spa | San Antonio
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By Randhula de Silva, Jo Aggarwal, Manas Fuloria
60 mins
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Unlock your AI and Data potential

Are your business processes manual and resource-intensive? AI is excellent in automating complex business processes that are close to impossible to automate with traditional approaches. Are the current future predictions for your business based more on gut feeling instead of historical data? AI can produce accurate predictions of the future based on historical data, easily considering hundreds of influencing factors.

Is keeping up your product quality a challenge? AI-powered visual recognition detects quality issues automatically and can be seamlessly integrated in your production pipeline. Are you overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information to be managed from various sources? AI is able to extract relevant information from documents to make informed decisions.

Start your AI journey with us!

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Thanks to Nagarro for accompanying our journey to better understand player behavior. Nagarro has always been exceptionally helpful in removing the small and big obstacles on our path to the cloud and to big data.

Björn Lobe
Head of Data Science

featured success stories

Leveraging AI for automated vehicle evaluation

A machine vision-based digital solution to improve the vehicle inspection process.

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Implementing data mesh architecture to create a data-driven enterprise

Enabling self-service analytics, improving data scalability, and optimizing operational efficiency

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An intelligent inventory management system

Seamless supply chain control with AI-powered inventory management.
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Leveraging data for real-time insights

A modernized platform that delivers a significantly improved user experience and provides actionable insights to the users in real-time.

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Powering field workers with critical information

A knowledge app powered by AI that allows workers quick access to critical information and enables them to handle on-field equipment issues effectively.

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Building a data-driven enterprise with data fabric architecture

The implementation enabled the customer to become a data-centric company with a unified data platform and accelerated its digital transformation journey.

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