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Artificial intelligence has touched our lives in more ways than we realize, from helping banks detect stock market fraud to aiding medical experts to detect diseases early on, to simply helping you select the next book you might want to read. AI has revolutionized the interaction between people and technology. With data at the core of the digital transformation journey, companies across domains heavily rely on predictive data analytics and BI for intelligent decision making. Learn how we can help make this interaction more enhanced.

what we do
Passenger Preference Analytics

Analyze data from different sources and build a machine-vision solution to customize passenger preferences, like that in food trays.

Viewer Engagement & Analytics

Build solutions to capture, classify and analyze data, and use it to provide content based on real-time audience profiling.

Customer Experience Evaluation

Identify important experience entities, corresponding service quality and customer sentiments, with state-of-the-art machine learning models.

Conversational Agents

Develop tailored chatbots for troubleshooting customer queries, and 'optimized conversation flow management portal' to transfer calls seamlessly, when required.

Fault Detection at Scale

Collect and ingest data from heterogeneous network elements (NEs), determine the health of NEs with ML models, visualize and identify the nodes at fault with proven mechanism.

Inventory Optimization

Reduce planning time, set better customer expectations, and improve capital utilization with demand forecasting, lead time prediction, and inventory optimization.

AI Accelerators

Agile, cost-effective, and easy to deploy AI accelerators that leverage emerging technology enablers to offer smart and ready-to-use customized software solutions for rapid MVP roll-out.

Other Smart Solutions

From data modernization and warehousing to customer 360-degree views extraction and digitized documentation, our smart solutions have had proven results across all industries.

Thanks to Nagarro for accompanying our journey to better understand player behavior. Nagarro has always been exceptionally helpful in removing the small and big obstacles on our path to the cloud and to big data.
Björn Lobe
Head of Data Science

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