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The continually changing business landscape has put enterprises under constant pressure to adopt new strategies that deliver better and innovative products and meet consumer expectations. Predictive Analysis, omni-channel User Experience, Deep Learning, Mobility, IoT, Big Data, and Agile have made inroads into the IT industry disrupting the market, thus transforming user experience and exposing customers to new horizons. This accelerated industry transformation demands a parallel transition in the way we test products. So, innovative test solutions and automation with a high level of sophistication and efficiency in testing are required.

At Nagarro, we practice digital QA and continuously adapt to evolving technologies, processes, and tools for testing. With our two methodologies – A2A and PROVEN – we assure our clients the best support. Our Advanced Automation Approach (A2A) is an innovative solution, which not only makes automation future proof but also guarantees sustainable automation with the speed of digital. Our PROVEN™ testing methodology ensures maximum business value as well as guarantees continuous improvement of innovative testing approaches aligned with global testing standards and practices.

Our offerings in this area include:

360-Degree X-Ray

A robust process to identify the testing maturity level of organizations using advanced industry benchmarks by certified and experienced consultants.

Read more about our 360-Degree X-Ray process.

Advanced automation testing

Advanced automation approach (A2A) for sustainable and future-proof automation. License-free and ready-to-use automation frameworks for accelerated automation solutions.

Read more about our automation capabilities.

Emerging technology testing
It is necessary to build new end-to-end digital processes and process support by adapting, opening, or re-engineering monolithic systems by integrating new emerging technologies (AI/ML, IoT, big data) and developing new features and systems in an agile way. Read more about our emerging technology testing services emerging technology testing services.
Specialized testing

Experience matters, our non-functional and specialized testing services ensure that the end customer is delighted to use the product.

Read more about our specialized testing services.