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Future of Quality

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Are you giving your software what it needs to succeed? You should be. Your software is the fundamental basis for your business and the driver of success & growth. You only have one chance to impress users, satisfy clients and get the user experience right. Yet, expectations have never been higher, and technology is changing and evolving at the speed of light. In the face of both these realities, QA has become paramount to your success.

We bring you powerful advantages to shape your quality!

At Nagarro, quality engineering is not just about addressing the challenges of today but also about shaping tomorrow through continuous innovation. "Open Innovation" and "Thinking Breakthroughs" define our quality, culture, and thought process. They empower us to accelerate your QA transformation. Using Nagarro's expertise, you will be able to restructure and enable your QA teams to deliver world-class products while maintaining top quality.


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what we do
Intelligent Test Automation

AI-enabled test automation to reduce cycle time, script maintenance and testing effort in self-healing, automated data generation, and more.


Performance Testing

End-to-end testing of stability, scalability and reliability to deliver high-performing products at the speed of digital.


Quality DevOps

An enterprise’s DevOps journey, covering assessment, automation, technical consulting and coaching, implementation, and training and enablement.


Agile Testing

Quicker and increased deployments with quality, along with seamless integration of testing in your agile project with our CQA-PROVEN methodology.


360° Quality X-Ray

Assesses your current QA maturity levels to create a realistic roadmap and build future-proof QA, tailored to your specific needs.


Agile Quality Consulting

QA transformation with enterprise agility, implementation, coaching and trainings on technical and business agility.


Emerging Technology Testing

Advanced solutions for chatbot testing and automation, with IoT frameworks to test the connected systems and enterprises.


SAP Testing

Efficient SAP test management, SAP test automation, business process testing, and consulting.


Accessibility Testing

Elevate your digital accessibility with comprehensive auditing, best-in-class consulting, and cost-effective automated testing by certified experts, including inputs from blind testers for web and mobile apps.


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Taking flight: Designing automated test frameworks

Find how Nagarro migrated the core apps with minimal downtime for Vienna International Airport.
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Driving innovation with value-based Portfolio Management

Building a lean but effective portfolio management solution for a pioneer in modern rail transport to ensure that the right work was done at the right time.
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Innovation with value based portfolio management-SS_Tile

Cultivating an agile mindset

Establishing an agile culture and strategic, customer-centric thinking with IC Agile Fundamentals training for all departments.
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Cultivating an agile mindset for Veroo-SS-Tile

Unlocking the value in utilities

The inside story of how we provided comprehensive testing that almost halved regression cycles & reduced defects.
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Expanding the digital gaming horizons

Learn about our B2B integration solution and how we improved the overall quality of implementations for better customer experiences. 
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I want to express my upmost appreciation for Nagarro's efforts on the cloud migration initiative. It’s not an easy feat, but the consistent hard work, efficiency and amazing cross-functional communication does not go unnoticed. It has been such a pleasure for our team to work with the team of Nagarro. They have been so supportive, efficient and great team players. Thank you.

The team at Nagarro has consistently demonstrated their technical proficiency and problem-solving skills. Their commitment to our goals has resulted in increased productivity and efficiency within the quality engineering team. Overall, we have been extremely satisfied with the IT services provided by them. We highly recommend their services to any organization looking for a reliable and effective IT partner.

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