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Enabling digital transformations

The Non-Profit and Education sectors are changing faster than ever today. New technologies and increasing expectations for real-time engagement at various user journey stages have caused a wave of digital transformation that has led organizations to re-think and re-engineer its existing services and solutions.

At Nagarro, we understand the evolving demands of today's rapidly changing environment. We can drive digital transformations for customers with our expertise in enterprise IT, data analytics, cloud, security, ERP, CRM, LMS, business process automation, integrations, etc.

Our solutions help clients gain the agility to drive growth, improve efficiencies, bring transparency, better manage operations and business while enabling them to discover new opportunities and enhance user experience.

what we do
Digital transformations enabled via Cloud
Accelerate cloud adoption by identifying the right tools and technologies for optimized migration and development approaches. Utilize the best of new technologies to achieve agile delivery, reduced downtimes, and predictable response times taking advantage of our proven experience in DevSecOps and Site Reliability Engineering.
Integrate and Automate
Integrate disparate solutions like ERP, CRM, digital marketing, accounting, fundraising, LMS, etc., to optimize workflows and reduce human effort and errors. Automate various manual processes to let the workforce focus on higher-value tasks and reduce mundane activities.
Data Analytics Solutions
Experience the power of data analytics and derive insights from existing data. Streamline a data collection strategy to enhance decision-making and predictions. Generate and customize reports as per business requirements.
Technology Consulting & Advisory
Provide In-depth consulting to design and build an IT landscape and blueprint that best meet your business goals and vision.
Learning and academic solutions
Enable your institution for next-gen learning needs with customized end-to-end learning facilitated through our blended learning approach.
Cognitive solutions
Harness the power of innovative AI solutions tailor-made to meet the requirements of educational institutes and their learners

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The Nagarro team was instrumental in helping us envision a modern technology landscape. Their focus on high quality, agility, attention to detail, and quick deliveries continue to stand out as a differentiator. We look forward to working with Nagarro on more initiatives.

Nagarro and Junior Achievement USA (JA) have forged a win/win partnership for several years now. Your team demonstrates diligence and dedication with JA projects, and we are very impressed with the exceptional Nagarro staff we have the pleasure of working with. On behalf of the JA team, I’d like to express our appreciation for the Nagarro associates who have delivered great customer service and sound technology solutions through the years. 

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Monika Gupta
Head (Global Business),
Non-profit & Education
Sanjeev Arora
Sanjeev Arora
Director, Non-Profit Practice
Arsh 01 (4)-1
Arsh Bashar
Associate Director, Education Practice

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