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04 - 05 Oct
Booth #24 | Messe Wien, Vienna
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By Kanchan Ray, Dr. Sudipta Seal
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In a quickly changing and evolving world, the challenges you face are ever more unique and complex. To find solutions, you need forward-thinking, agile, caring partners that can help you transform, adapt, and build. At Nagarro, we excel at digital product engineering and deliver on our promise of thinking breakthroughs.

What does
thinking breakthroughs mean?

The nature of IT & digital product engineering has reached an incredible state of velocity and transition. We must adapt and meet it with an agile mindset that isn't afraid to iterate towards the perfect solution. If we only solve today's problems, it's not enough. We must do more. We must courageously embrace the future, with vision and clarity about where technology & business are heading. Thinking breakthroughs gets us there. Spend some time with us and we'll help you future-proof your business.

We are powered by caring. Caring is at the heart of our values. It drives us to deliver the best results, to be the best colleagues, and deliver the best solutions.


Caring is why so many of our clients have been with us over a decade.

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We care about our clients, about their success, and about the partnership we aim to build.

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We are built to do, correct, explore, innovate, breakthrough and repeat.

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We own up to our successes and our mistakes. We are not a process, we are not anonymous. We stand responsible for how we treat our work, our colleagues and even our planet.

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We care about intelligence, not location, about results, not process, about being bold, not being held back by structure.

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We define ourselves not by the mold of yesterday but create the mold of tomorrow. We empower our colleagues to be brave, creative, entrepreneurial, agile, and responsible.

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We are present everywhere and can be anywhere. We are diverse, we are not painted through a single country or nationality. We are  building collective intelligence, we learn from yesterday to succeed better tomorrow.

We are a Nation of Nagarrians

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We are shaping the company of tomorrow

We are not trying to emulate the companies of yesterday, we are the company of tomorrow. We are the future, logistically apart, together always.

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