The key challenge in front of a telecom operator today is not how to better connect its customers, but how to better connect with its customers. With data trumping voice, the consumers are associating their experience with the device manufacturers and application providers, relegating the telecom operators to a status of a "fat, dumb pipe".

The operators need to respond to this paradigm shift by becoming nimble like the Internet companies, and learn from them the science of understanding the consumer. They need to invest in platforms that can help them analyse their consumers and use the insights to quickly roll out innovations that can delight and engage.

Our strong understanding of the telecom space and extensive experience of working with several Internet companies enables us to rapidly build highly customized solutions for our customers, so that they can seize “the fourth wave”.


Besides our regular portfolio of services our specialized offerings in telecommunications include:

Custom OSS and BSS solutions
We work with technology providers and operators worldwide building and deploying complex OSS and BSS solutions in an agile and cost-effective way.
M2M solutions
We are fortunate to work with our customers in the fast evolving space of M2M communications. In a space with highly complex and diversified standards, the ability to adapt and scale is what differentiates a great M2M solution from a good one. Our frameworks are highly adaptable to the requirements of both the operators as well as vendors.
Network and inventory management system
We partner with LucidTech to offer SitePlus, an application platform to maintain, discover and analyse network inventory and data in a centralized and collaborative manner for wireless telecom networks. It ensures correctness and timely availability of comprehensive network data and provides appropriate visualization and analysis functionality for better and quicker decision making. It integrates with the OSS/NMS to auto discover network elements and keeps track of frequently changing network elements and attributes. It lets distributed teams update passive data in a controlled and trackable fashion with well-defined responsibility assignment.