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21 Feb
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By Kanchan Ray, Dr. Sudipta Seal
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Innovating customer experience, the key to business growth

Today’s telecom industry is highly competitive and full of exciting opportunities simultaneously. Service providers must ensure exceptional customer experience with singular customer service, reliable connectivity, and ingenious solutions – to build a loyal customer base, improve customer retention, and ultimately drive profitability.

In this context, innovation can create a competitive advantage. With rapid technological advancements and changing customer preferences, it is essential to stay relevant. Innovation can take many forms, from developing new products/services to enhancing existing ones to using technologies like automation and AI.

At Nagarro, we use our “Thinking Breakthroughs” framework to partner with telecom providers, helping them digitally transform businesses. We use our design thinking approach with a product mindset to unlock immense value, achieving consistently high RoI.

what we do
Leading growth with services for 4G/5G-enabled enterprises

We help you identify the right solution mix through our innovative "Thinking Breakthroughs" framework, introduce the right technology, and develop & deploy the end-to-end solution - leading to digital resilience.​


Acting as the systems integrator, we allow service providers to offer services beyond connectivity for their enterprise customers.​ 

Leveraging data & AI for network insights

With multi-vendor network functions spanning on-prem and cloud infra, self-diagnosing and self-healing capabilities are mandatory to achieve operational efficiencies.​

​With our expertise and focus on AIOps and digital transformation, we ensure an always-available and predictive network to achieve operational excellence.​

Sophisticated product engineering​

Our design thinking approach based on a product mindset unlocks immense value.

We drive this innovation using a unique framework:

•    Identify breakthrough tracks through discovery workshops
•    Create a roadmap of high-value functionality, prioritize and finalize the use case(s)
•    Implement the PoV (proof of value) using a rapid prototyping approach.

OSS/BSS transformation

As telco cloud transformation becomes a reality, the network operating systems are also changing rapidly.

We help accelerate the transformation of telecom service providers, including MVNO/MVNE, by modernizing their OSS/BSS platforms to support new business models and use cases.

Modernizing with the telco cloud

As telcos embrace the transformation journey by migrating their network and IT workloads to the cloud, it brings significant complexity and challenges of operating in a hybrid and multi-cloud environment. 

We address these challenges with the right technology partners in the cloud, DevOps, MLOps, and open solution frameworks.

Differentiating through customer experience

Deep customer satisfaction leads to high customer retention, impacting service providers' profitability.​

We are involved with leading providers in designing and developing intuitive customer interfaces, marketplaces, intelligent analytics, and 360-degree customer experience management solutions to achieve consistently high RoI.​

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Improved productivity in tower inspection & repair using Assisted Reality

An AR-driven solution to simplify processes and enhance efficiency for technicians.
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Unified solution to enable rapid product provisioning and launch

Accelerate time-to-market for products and personalized services for a telecom giant.
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Unified solution to enable rapid product provisioning and launch

Enabling digitalization of customer life-cycle management at Zain

How we helped them connect with millions of customers at a personal level?
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Ensuring workforce safety with advanced intelligence

A cutting-edge solution for Nokia to ensure workforce safety in modern factories.
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Pre-emptive network fault detection

Using analytics and machine learning to help predict faults, minimize downtime, improve user satisfaction.
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Network fault detection – machine learning and analytics
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I want to express my gratitude for the enormous work and professionalism by each one of you over the last few months, weeks and days that have made a difference in making FDP CIS into Airtel Store and a reality pan-India.

Magnus Rahm
Global Head of IoT Development & Service Management, Ericsson

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