With the emergence of IoT technologies and rapid digitization, industries around the world have stressed the importance of the Internet of Things. Businesses, either small or large, are adopting IoT technologies for numerous reasons. However, only a few are able to grasp the broad spectrum of the IoT ecosystem. It is challenging enough for industries to realize the full potential of the Internet of Things, let alone adopt this concept and derive optimum return from it.

Nagarro's IoT framework, Integration-Cognition-Automation, is structured in a way that ensures continuous value generation from the IoT ecosystem. Our framework uses a three-step iterative process to revolutionize any business, irrespective of their scale or whether they have already leveraged IoT or they are new to the IoT space. Our framework enables IT executives and business leaders to explore endless opportunities to drive growth for their businesses and make organizations truly digitally transformed.


Our IoT offerings include:

TToT - Tracking & Tracing of Things

IoT-ize your assets to increase productivity and lower the depreciation time of your assets.

  • Asset track & trace
  • Asset safety

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CIoT - Connected Infrastructure of Things

Transform your surroundings with sensors and analytics engine to monitor space usage and energy usage based on various parameters.

  • Smart factory
  • Smart building

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ICoT - Immersive Center of Things

Incorporate AR/VR technology into your day-to-day business for your enterprise to truly transform through next-level experiences.

  • ViX (Virtual Experience)
  • Augmented Commerce
  • Augmented Indoor Navigation
  • Augmented Training & Assistance

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WMoT - Workflow Management of Things

Enable better operational efficiency and productivity as well as ensure safety of your workers with smart wearables.

  • ReVIA (Remote Validation, Inspection & Assistance)
  • Connected Worker
  • Smart Picking & Shipping

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QAoT - Quality Assurance of Things

Improve the quality of your entire assets ecosystem through the power of IoT-enabled Embedded Systems.

  • AVD (Automated Verification Device)
  • FQA (Firmware Quality Assurance)
  • Predictive Maintenance

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