Energie und Versorgung

Changing economics, stricter regulations, and disruptive innovations - all this in a highly capital intensive context. This industry that powers the activities of the human race is itself rather powerless in the face of some complex challenges.

Companies in this sector must reinvent themselves continually, at each of the strategic, tactical and operational levels. In parallel, fast-evolving information systems are crucial to provide deeper insights and therefore enable better decisions, and also to support new offerings and business models.


Apart from our regular services, our featured offerings for this industry are:

Big Data and analytics
Every process step in this sector generates a high volume of both structured and unstructured data. Nagarro provides services and frameworks to turn this data into meaningful, contextual and actionable business information.
Security solutions
Because energy and utility companies are potential targets for cyber-attacks, we offer them consulting regarding information security strategies. We also design and implement solutions around Layer 7’s API security and management platform.
SCADA platform
Our SCADA X-SIGHT solution provides an intuitive web- or mobile-based monitoring and control platform and allows a smooth integration of different types of equipment via generic interfaces.
Energy conservation
We are happy to connect you with a few of our customers that provide world-leading energy conservation products and services.