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Nagarro’s technology-led innovations help government organizations better connect with their constituency, while reducing costs and maximizing value from investments. We leverage our global capabilities to build on existing modernization efforts and deliver strategic solutions that simultaneously promote operational efficiencies, as well as meaningful interaction in the community you serve.

The dynamic between governments and their constituents is going through unconventional changes. Public expectation is challenging agencies to rethink how they operate as they tailor services to individuals within their communities. As agencies explore how to meet demands in this evolving model, new skills and capabilities around connectedness, agility, innovation, and transparency are more critical than ever.

We help our public sector clients understand and implement smart solutions that seamlessly bring together people, processes, and technology. Nagarro takes a tool agnostic, multi-faceted approach that empowers leaders to make informed decisions, operate responsively and effectively, and provide citizens with access to public resources. Our work spans the full breadth of government services, including energy and the environment, financial services, healthcare, social services, cybersecurity, law enforcement, transportation, and international development and diplomacy.

Our specialized offerings for the public sector include:

Transformation and Modernization
Legacy systems are a reality of enterprise IT infrastructures. Ensuring government organizations have the right tools and resources to meet public demands necessitates integrating legacy assets with newer technologies or transitioning to modern, open systems. Our experts provide you with a comprehensive, multi-option strategy to reduce total cost of ownership while helping you assess the cost, performance, and risk implications of each decision.
Customer Relationship Management
Nagarro helps organizations harness the power of cloud, social, mobility and analytics to better understand their customers. Consumers have more choices, more information, and more touch points than ever before. We view the CRM landscape as a vibrant, omnipresent, highly integrated social platform to connect with the public.
Enterprise Resource Planning
ERP is moving from a regimented automation to an agile, responsive framework that responds to changing business contexts. Nagarro's process re-engineering and consulting team work closely with organizational stakeholders to formulate the right strategy and ensure implementation without disrupting your operations. Our partnerships with the companies such as SAP, Microsoft, Infor and Salesforce empower us to seamlessly integrate across your businesses, arming your decision-making with the right context.
Data is now the most valuable capital asset for most organizations, and how well they handle it will determine their future success. Data driven intelligence backed by advanced analytics and machine learning plays a critical role in creating operational efficiencies, as well as understanding, anticipating and meeting consumer demands. We partner with industry leaders around the globe and help embed analytics, big data and machine learning driven intelligence into their processes to drive outcomes across your business’s customer, risk and operations imperatives.

Government regulations and security standards, increased use of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), the rise of cloud computing and mobile apps compel organizations to evaluate and ensure their implementation and efficacy of IAM services across business units.

Nagarro’s Identity Access Management (IAM) and Cybersecurity practice experts leverage market leading products in line with industry best practices to solve problems for a wide range of areas including user lifecycle management, user access governance, and authentication management across on premise, cloud, and hybrid deployment modes. We enable industry leaders to optimize their information security and risk management programs with our IAM solutions.