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Industry 4.0

Enterprise goals on Industry 4.0 and digitalization have created a shift towards a Connected Enterprise, thereby creating an interdependent and interconnected ecosystem.

Business resilience is now an integral part of Connected Enterprise. This resilience has multiple aspects such as digital resilience, workforce resilience, supply chain resilience, product resilience, organizational resilience.

Industry 4.0 - Reimagining business resilience


01 our approach

Our Thinking Breakthroughs approach enables Industry 4.0 goals of our clients by creating a convergence between business and technology, leading to a Connected Enterprise.

Industry 4.0

A Connected Enterprise can achieve Industry 4.0 goals by adopting digitalization across 5 nodes

Smarter Factory Smarter Service Connected Worker  Connected Customer Connected Product
Industry & Automation | Shifting towards Connected Enterprise with Industry 4.0


Digitalization in Connected Enterprise is being achieved by leveraging multiple technologies working in synergy with each other

Internet of Things Sensor Edge Computing Security Business Intelligence Visualization Data Analytics Cloud Artificial Intelligence Bots Enterprise Software ERP User Experience Mobile Reality Technology Wearables
Digitalization in Connected Enterprise_Industry 4.0


With digitalization, each element of the enterprise value chain can become resilient to internal and external changes

Achieve agility in resilience using our Adapt-Lead-Sustain framework across various elements of the enterprise value chain: From product design to logistics, from assembly to maintenance, and from marketing to after sales.
Building resilience in connected enterprise_Industry 4.0

02 solutions

We work with clients across hundreds of use cases to create technology solutions that enable the 5 nodes of Industry 4.0.

03 engagement tracks

We use our innovation toolkits and adaptive engagement tracks to deliver breakthrough solutions.

Digital Innovation

Our Promise

  • Co-create futuristic

Value Proposition

  • Breakthrough solution
  • Advanced technologies
  • Faster time to market



Digital Product

Our Promise

  • Engineer digital products
    and solutions

Value Proposition

  • Agile software development
  • Distributed agile squad
  • Delivery excellence



Digital Talent

Our Promise

  • Enable extended
    global teams

Value Proposition

  • Modern stack expertise
  • Wide talent pool
  • Cultural alignment



04 success stories

Enabling Smarter Factory with a manufacturing intelligence platform

Cloud-based data analytics and visualization platform for enhanced quality management
read the story
Enabling Smarter Factory with a manufacturing intelligence platform_Industry 4.0

Enabling a resilient workforce with digitalized inspection process

An Assisted Reality driven solution leveraging multiple form factor devices to improve workforce productivity.
read the story
Enabling a resilient workforce with digitalized inspection process_Industry 4.0

Enabling agility in sales processes and dealer engagement

Mobile applications for field sales and dealers integrated with salesforce and SAP
read the story
Enabling agility in sales processes and dealer engagement_Industry 4.0

Digitalizing the visual inspection process

Innovating business processes and product lines to make them future-proof using low code
read success story

Building a Smarter Factory with SAP re-engineering and AI

Redesigning SAP processes and building a Swarm intelligence-based job scheduling to optimize the production planning process.
read the story
Building a Smarter Factory with SAP re-engineering and AI_Industry 4.0

Reimagine supply chain with factory in a box

Smart Glass driven solution for next-generation connected worker
Customer Speak
Reimagine supply chain with factory in a box_Industry 4.0
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05 insights

We create Thinking Breakthroughs insights to keep you ahead of the curve.

Industry 4.0

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A Connected Enterprise is a digital framework comprising of different elements of the enterprise value chain. In a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambigous ecosystem, a connected enterprise needs to continously adapt, lead and sustain various initiatives. Our Thinking Breakthroughs approach enables this business resilience by creating a convergence between technology levers and business outcomes.