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white paper

AI Testing AI

A Glimpse of Software Testing in the Coming Years: Testing Intelligent Products, Intelligently
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about the white paper

Technology is progressing at a lightning speed. The domain of QA needs to push itself to integrate advanced technologies into QA processes and achieve maximum consumer satisfaction. As more ‘intelligent’ and ‘smarter’ products are set to flood the market, traditional test automation might fall short of speed. Quality Assurance is rapidly moving up in the agile value chain, which again requires both a mindset change and a cultural shift. As the rules of the game are changing continuously, this whitepaper assesses how things might evolve in the next decade, and gives a glimpse of testing in 2030.

Download this white paper to also gain insights into:

  • The rise of AI products: How the onset of AI will impact QA, testing tools and especially test automation
  • Analytical and Experience Quality Assurance: Better quality for better decision-making and end-user experience prediction.
  • The onset of IoT testing: How IoT testing will act as a catalyst in the development of tools and
    frameworks to support testing of connected devices

interested to learn more?

Download white paper