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5 megatrends shaping the future of testing automation

7/27/2018, written by Rajesh Popli

Categories: Artificial Intelligence Automation Testing

A term like automation is selling like hotcakes in the testing domain. Today, various tools are available to automate diverse testing types as per different test approaches. However, the...

Chatbots and Live Agents: Future allies set to transform customer experience

4/13/2018, written by Pankaj Rathi

Categories: Customer delight Artificial Intelligence Chatbots Customer Experience

Creating delightful customer experiences and retaining delighted customers are crucial to continued success in any business—and it is a sustained process. In this technology-centric era...

Adventures in deep learning: The land of IoT

2/20/2018, written by Anurag Sahay

Categories: Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence Deep Learning AI

Big data and information: Machines are increasingly fitted with different kinds of sensors. This sensor information is at the core of the IoT revolution that we are finding ourselves in....

The year in review

12/29/2016, written by Manas Fuloria

Categories: Innovation Artificial Intelligence

The dawn of 2016 seemingly heralded a new age of intelligent autonomous systems. The Tesla Autopilot was launched in October 2015, surprising us by its maturity. Suddenly, the writing...

Does my business need a Chatbot?

9/7/2016, written by Vaibhav Gadodia

Categories: Chatbot Conversational UI User Interface Artificial Intelligence

Lately, there has been a lot of buzz about Chatbots – applications that make use of a conversational user interface instead of a graphical interface that has been the norm in the past...




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