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AI testing? Quality criteria for machine learning

2/28/2018, written by Andrea Kling

Categories: Quality Assurance, Machine Learning

AI and machine learning are revolutionizing our world. Personalized product recommendations, natural language processing and face recognition have found their way into our daily lives....

Adventures in deep learning: The land of IoT

2/20/2018, written by Anurag Sahay

Categories: Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, AI

Big data and information: Machines are increasingly fitted with different kinds of sensors. This sensor information is at the core of the IoT revolution that we are finding ourselves in....

Intelligent Apps: The future of mobile solutions?

6/9/2017, written by Abhay Anand

Categories: Machine Learning, Mobility, Intelligent Applications

When I hear the question—what is future of “smartphones”, I humbly say that smartphones are (still) the future. With the Internet of Things and other advanced technologies gaining...




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