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The Journey to Digital: Re-imagine your customer digital maturity model

9/22/2017, written by Ashish Gupta

Categories: Omni-channel Digital Transformation Customer Digital Maturity Personalization Customer Experience Analytics

In the first part of this series on "The journey to digital" we discussed the need to develop a relevant business transformation driven digital strategy based on several underlying...

The Journey to Digital: Fuel-up your customer digital transformation engine

9/14/2017, written by Ashish Gupta

Categories: Omni-channel Data Analytics Omni-agile Big Data Digital Transformation

Digital has transformed the way we live, interact, behave, work, and possibly even the way we think. Every facet of our interactions is being reimagined, simplified, and personalized....

Enable omni-channel physician engagement

6/23/2017, written by Purav Gandhi

Categories: Omni-channel Life-sciences

We live in an incredibly progressive era, where unprecedented medical advancements are leading to availability of new treatment options every single day. Recent statistics indicate that...

Connecting the omni-channel jigsaw puzzle

1/12/2017, written by Kanchan Ray

Categories: Omni-channel Big Data

I recently read a very nice book that I purchased from Kindle and wanted a few of my friends/colleagues to read that. When I recommended the book to them I also asked them to check if...

Moving from eCommerce to Connected Commerce

10/5/2016, written by Kanchan Ray

Categories: eCommerce Omni-channel

Omni-channel commerce is the latest trend in the B2C commerce space – for both online and offline retail. Today’s customers constantly move across multiple channels and they switch...

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