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Enterprise Agile – Adapting to the method

10/6/2017, written by Damianos Soumelidis

Categories: Enterprise Agile, Innovation, Technology

Agile working methods, originally a concept from software development, are now used in various domains. Agility has become a successful principle that is used by global IT firms; Nagarro...

Global experience that was the best preparation for working life

11/11/2016, written by IDG Content & Marketing Services

Categories: Enterprise Agile, Mentoring, Hand-on Experience

Sonia Sanghera (24), a student at KTH received both mentoring and valuable hands-on experience working in a global organization.

Technical Debt: The good, the bad and the downright ugly

10/4/2016, written by Richard Wheatley

Categories: Enterprise Agile, Technical Debt, Project Development

Technical Debt (TD) is a topic of increased significance in Enterprise circles. But, before we start to discuss Technical Debt in detail, it is perhaps wise to define Technical Debt...

Being an enabler of Enterprise Agility

9/5/2016, written by Richard Wheatley

Categories: Enterprise Agile

Several organizations have adopted agile, such that today an agile approach is ubiquitous. Since the Agile Manifesto was published in February 2001, agile software development practices...

Guarding against 'disruption'

7/1/2016, written by Kanchan Ray

Categories: Disruption, Agility, Enterprise Agile, Innovation

'Disruption' is the most dreaded word for any CXO nowadays. Every CXO is worried about his/her industry being disrupted by a new player - probably by a tiny startup. Most startups claim...

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