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Edge computing: The dawn of autonomous things

6/1/2018, written by Shallu Sarvari

Categories: IoT Cloud Computing Edge Computing

With 5G technology, improved hardware at reduced prices and convenient storage options, the “things” in the IoT continuum are getting smarter each day. In fact, it's predicted that...

Rise of PaaS: Game changer in cloud evolution

3/30/2018, written by Mohit Bhardwaj

Categories: Cloud Computing PaaS Platform as a Service

Platform as a Service(PaaS) is one area in cloud computing that had been widely overlooked by developers and analysts for a long time. That is no longer the case though. A recent study...

A quick guide to serverless computing platforms

3/16/2018, written by Vikas Gandhi

Categories: Cloud Computing AWS Serverless Computing

Serverless computing (as the name suggests) allows you to build and run applications without the help of servers. There is no additional need to maintain infrastructures, servers, or...

Data warehouse & analytics: Amazon Redshift or Google BigQuery?

8/11/2017, written by Vijay Agarwal

Categories: Cloud Computing Cloud

In today’s world, data analytics is playing a vital role in the success of almost all businesses. To analyze your big data sets, you may end up spending a lot on complex hardware and...

Why vote for Google Cloud Platform?

6/29/2017, written by Amit Chopra

Categories: Cloud Computing Cloud

As more and more businesses decide that they don't want to manage infrastructure and IT operations by themselves, the ‘Cloud First’ approach is becoming a norm rather than a choice....

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