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Business agility: An agile approach beyond IT

Posted by Martin Dragosits on 27 Aug 2020

An agile approach can change organizations. Most ideas of this approach can be applied not just to IT, but to all business areas. Is this valid for agile values and principles which refer to software and projects too? Let’s find out.

Change, they say, is the only constant. At nearly twenty years old, the Agile Manifesto describes the values and principles for team collaboration in software development. It has been a guide that puts people at the forefront in order to design better products, get timely customer feedback, and escape the aberrations of conventional project procedures – basically, projects that don't get done and cost a lot of money.

Topics: Agile, Business Agility, Agile Methodology

Cross-functional team collaboration - how to make it work

Posted by Martin Dragosits on 25 Feb 2020

Implementing complex IT projects successfully requires the co-operation of all teammates and roles. It’s like a football match where each player has a specific role in the team, and they come together to support critical situations, taking responsibility on the pitch. It is precisely this synergy that creates a good team, pursuing a common goal.

Topics: Software Development, Business Agility, Project Management

Agile Metrics Part 2: Monitoring the progress

Posted by Martin Dragosits on 01 Oct 2019

In the first part, we discussed the basics of agile metrics - story points, velocity, and release planning. Part two deals with the possible ways to determine the progress during a sprint and shows the advantages and disadvantages of the different measurement methods.

Topics: Agile, Scrum, Metriken

Agile Metrics Part 1: The basics you must know

Posted by Martin Dragosits on 20 Sep 2019

Anyone who has worked in an agile setup knows about one of its key principles: Working software is the primary measure of progress. Yes, it sure is.

Topics: Agile, Scrum, Agile Metrics

The black sheep of the agile family

Posted by Martin Dragosits on 18 Jan 2019

New methods and frameworks are being developed around agile almost every day. There is Scrum of Scrums, Scrumban, LeSS, SAFe, Nexus, DAD, Spotify Model, DSDM, Kanban or XP and many more. But, do you understand and implement all of them? There are a few black sheep in the agile family that cannot be cataloged, still are very interesting because of their extremely disruptive and unusual features. Let's take a quick look at some of them.

Topics: Agile, Scrum, Agile Methodology