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Yammer vs SharePoint Social: The right tool for you

9/30/2016, written by Sunny Rajpal

Categories: Enterprise networking, SharePoint, Yammer

Social collaboration has become an important need for enterprises. Most companies search for the best social networking tools to improve employee engagement, enhance collaboration and to...

"Red Light, Green Light" Sharepoint apps can speed up your ride, with little downside

4/15/2014, written by Sameer Jain

Categories: SharePoint

When I was a kid, I loved to play “Red Light, Green Light”. Freeze in place while the “light” is red, and run as fast as you can while the “light” is green, so you can advance to the...

SharePoint Conference 2014 – Highlights and Viewpoint

3/24/2014, written by G Venkat

Categories: SharePoint

The recently concluded Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2014 was exciting, ground-breaking, and satisfying. It was for the first time that Nagarro was a sponsor and exhibiting at the...




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Success Story