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The year in review

12/29/2016, written by Manas Fuloria

Categories: Innovation Artificial Intelligence

The dawn of 2016 seemingly heralded a new age of intelligent autonomous systems. The Tesla Autopilot was launched in October 2015, surprising us by its maturity. Suddenly, the writing...

Nagarro and Pixar: An unexpected commonality

9/1/2016, written by Manas Fuloria

Categories: Project governance

I have been reading “Creativity Inc.” by Pixar’s President Ed Catmull. Chapter 5 just blew me away.

Socially transforming the enterprise

7/10/2015, written by Manas Fuloria

Categories: Social

Man has always been intensely – and fluidly – social. That’s why social technologies are so successful in transforming the way we work today.




Success Story

Success Story