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Connecting the omni-channel jigsaw puzzle

1/12/2017, written by Kanchan Ray

Categories: Omni-channel Big Data

I recently read a very nice book that I purchased from Kindle and wanted a few of my friends/colleagues to read that. When I recommended the book to them I also asked them to check if...

Journey to the center of innovation

12/1/2016, written by Kanchan Ray

Categories: Agile Innovation

“Innovation is not a single action but a total process of interrelated sub processes. It is not just the conception of a new idea, nor the invention of a new device, nor the development...

Moving from eCommerce to Connected Commerce

10/5/2016, written by Kanchan Ray

Categories: eCommerce Omni-channel

Omni-channel commerce is the latest trend in the B2C commerce space – for both online and offline retail. Today’s customers constantly move across multiple channels and they switch...

Guarding against 'disruption'

7/1/2016, written by Kanchan Ray

Categories: Disruption Agility Enterprise Agile Innovation

'Disruption' is the most dreaded word for any CXO nowadays. Every CXO is worried about his/her industry being disrupted by a new player - probably by a tiny startup. Most startups claim...

Who needs app stores anymore?

5/13/2016, written by Kanchan Ray

Categories: Mobile App App Developers Application Development

There are about 1.5 million apps in the iOS app store, 1.6 million in Google Play and another 800k apps in the Amazon and Windows stores. As an app user, I have a lot of options to...




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