We live in a world where applications are supposed to work across platforms and screens, employees expect seamless connectivity across locations and environments, and the fragmented nature of data sources is only going to explode with the IOT era. This necessitates a high order of sophistication in the testing process beyond mere risk management, and cost control - a process that can learn, improve and automate over time through predictive analytics and applied business knowledge.

Our Independent Testing and Validation practice is a critical part of our Centre for Quality Excellence (CQE) which ensures best practices. Our proprietary PROVEN™ testing methodology uses automation frameworks and innovative solutions to guarantee superior software quality. When you engage us, you get instant access to a “Core” team of experts whose specialized knowledge of particular test methods, business domains and compliance standards exactly match your unique requirements. The Core team is supported by a “Flex” team that dynamically scales to fit individual projects. Using Core-Flex teams, we help clients reduce time-to-market and maximize ROI.


Our offerings in this area include:

Risk management
Our risk management offerings include defect prevention, requirements prioritization, validation, documentation, and early defect detection.
Quality consulting
Our quality experts help formulate and develop test strategy, test process standardization, CQE assessments, and setup quality centre of excellence.
Functional, non-functional and compliance testing
We provide application testing services covering the entire gamut of functional testing including unit, system, integration, user acceptance, and parallel testing. Non-functional testing spans performance, localization, compatibility, usability, security, and regression tests. We also conduct regulatory compliance testing for the life sciences, healthcare, financial services and gaming industries.