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Make Test Automation work for you

Make test automation an integral part of your software delivery cycle to increase business value.

The automation testing market size is valued at USD 20 billion in 2022 and is anticipated to exhibit over 15% CAGR between 2023 and 2032. The rising disruption of digital media will augment business growth. [source]

Want to make test automation an integral part of your software delivery lifecycle?

At Nagarro, our test automation experts design innovative solutions that help organizations improve their business performance.

We work with a wide range of Test Automation and RPA tools including Ranorex, Tricentis TOSCA, MicroFocus UFT, SmartBear TestComplete, Katalon, Cypress, UIPath .. you name the tool, we've done it!

We leverage our expertise in automation testing to support organizations on their transformation journey.

Leverage our test automation expertise for:

reduction in test automation maintenance efforts
faster test cycles
less time spent analyzing test results

We can make Test Automation work for you, no matter the:




  • Maturity level
  • Skill-set of the team
  • Infrastructure and cloud strategy
  • Development methodology
  • Code, Low-Code, or No-Code
  • Use of pre-existing products (think SAP, SalesForce, PowerBI, Temenos, etc.) 

  • Location
  • Scale of business
  • Technology
  • Domain
  • Tool stack
  • Complexity

We're here to help you with any Test Automation challenge.

Just starting out?

Major changes in the system landscape are often a trigger for a major renewal of quality processes. Modern strategies rely on agility, sustainability, and automation. Especially for large organizations, this can be complex. For one of our major customers, we made test automation easy. We introduced Test Automation to the largest portal service in Austria.

Quality issues in production?

A thorough quality concept by building awareness around quality processes, leveraging true end-to-end test automation and establishing code quality is what it takes to overcome the challenges around a quick scale-up and transformation of applications and teams. We built a reliable quality safety net for a large car dealership platform in the US.
MicrosoftTeams-image (1)-4

Upcoming critical transformation?

Modernization of legacy systems of critical nature can be daunting. Quality, therefore, plays an important part in any critical transformation journey. Nagarro experts have helped shaped quality of core systems for an International European Airport, reduced maintenance by 87 percent and made text cycle execution 60% faster.

Huge test automation backlog?

Tremendous scope, complex systems, and an array of products and channels pose a challenge when faced with a huge test backlog. Nagarro experts help automate thousands of test cases and ensure quality at every step. For the largest railway organization in Austria, our test automation experts automated more than 5000 test cases by building a full-stack test automation for its nationwide public transport omni-channel ticket-shop.

Maintain legacy test cases

Migrating a large number of test cases across many teams often seems impossible without the right power and competence. Redesigning and streamlining a large-scale Test Automation portfolio needs a single automation solution that focusses on low maintenance and full integration. For a prominent product company who had grown a large, automated test portfolio for multiple systems across multiple automation solutions, Nagarro helped migrate this fragmented setup to a single, sustainable solution.

Want to know more? Here’s an overview of our Test Automation services.

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