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Beyond Agility, the convergence of technology and human ingenuity.
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Unleash the Power of Agile

Ready to embark on a journey of agility, growth, and success to stay ahead of the curve in today’s digital age?

Look no further! Our Agile Consulting and Coaching team is here to partner with you, every step of the way. Whether you're just starting out on your agile journey or if you need a helping hand to get back on track, or just want to scale – we help you succeed and strengthen your position as a modern, digital business. Get ready to unlock your business's potential with our Agile Consulting & Coaching power!


Agile Consulting Power


Snippets of how we add value for our clients

Cultivating an agile mindset and strategic, customer-centric thinking

A leading logistics provider in Austria, VEROO shapes integrated logistics for smart delivery of goods. Nagarro helped VEROO apply agile practices in all functional areas to ensure better collaboration and organizational realignment. They are already witnessing cross-team improvements and sustainable learning after imbibing an agile culture.

Cultivating an agile mindset for Veroo-1

Making winning a habit through agile transformation

Transforming a company to be future-ready with innovative solutions: ADMIRAL is a leading supplier of sports betting and gaming services in Austria. They adopted agile to align product development and related teams in a way where they could offer world-class solutions and inspire customers with innovative offerings across all sales channels.


Driving innovation with value-based Portfolio Management

Our client, a pioneer in modern rail transport, faced challenges getting their digital transformation projects on track. Nagarro proved to be the right partner to accompany a large-scale transformation project end-to-end, implementing a lean but effective portfolio management solution to ensure that the right work was done at the right time.

Innovation with value based portfolio management-SS_Tile

We let our work (and our clients) do the talking!

As part of a tailor-made curriculum around Business Agility, the Nagarro trainers provided us with methodological knowledge as well as plenty of practical experience through exciting group exercises and entertaining learning units. We especially liked the interactive design and the fact that there was plenty of fun. All in all, a valuable experience for our team and an important step in realizing our vision.

Nagarro’s Agile Transformation Team supported us in further developing our organization and culture. The decision to go the way with Nagarro was the right.

The ICAgile training from Nagarro was a great mix of knowledge transfer and practical exercises, the trainers were competent and there was also a lot of fun. My most entertaining online training so far and at the same time very useful for our team.

For us, the decisive success factor was the active, agile project culture – namely the solution competence, the communication strength, the flexibility and the professionalism of the individual employees of Nagarro.


Being Agile Makes a Difference


Maximize the benefits with our Agile Consulting & Coaching



  • Earlier market entry with the right ideas
  • Increased ability for innovation


  • Increased efficiency and effectivity of work
  • Improved collaboration and results


  • Adapt the organization to changing market requirements
  • Higher quality and impact of delivered results


  • Increased efficiency and effectivity of work
  • Speeding up collaboration and better results

Sustainable success with a holistic approach

Our holistic advisory approach is designed to establish lasting competence within your organization, ensuring long-term success. It goes far beyond implementing agile practices.

  • We focus on holistic change, working with you to shape your culture, strategy, and tactics. 
  • We help you discover your identity, vision, and values, and align them with your goals. 
  • We focus on obsessing over your customers and set the right long-term thinking and organizational structure to drive success.

Eventually, our Agile Consulting & Agile Coaching experts work together with you to evolve the right practices, processes, methods, and tools to increase your efficiency on team- and leadership level. 

Agile-Quality-Consulting-holistic advisory approach

What we do to help you grow

Our  Agile Quality Consulting and Agile Coaching offer aims to achieve technical and business excellence. It is adressed to the team as well as leadership level to evolve, excel and enhance their skills and mindset. 


Agile Engineering Mastery

Master agile development with our hands-on sessions for developers and testers. Our experts guide you on how to use the latest tools for efficient software delivery while maintaining the highest quality standards. Enhance your agile engineering skills and drive business success through state-of-the-art development practices.


Legacy Modernization

Our experts can help optimize your existing software by removing redundant, obsolete, or poorly written code. We modernize your legacy code, enhance code quality, and improve performance, security, and user experience. It’s time to transform your systems into modern, scalable, and sustainable software ecosystems!

Podcast - The Power of Agile

Welcome to 'The Power of Agile' – the podcast that sparks the transformation your business needs! In a world where change is the only constant, agility is the key to thriving. Join us as we unravel the secrets of how Agile methodologies can turbocharge your business and supercharge your team's performance.


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Daniel Eder
Global Practice Lead - Agile Quality Consulting & Agile Coaching
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Dorothy Aubut
Enterprise Agility, US
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Roland Germ
Technical Agility
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