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The Journey to Digital: Fuel-up your customer digital transformation engine

9/14/2017, written by Ashish Gupta

Categories: Omni-channel, Data Analytics, Omni-agile, Big Data, Digital Transformation

Digital has transformed the way we live, interact, behave, work, and possibly even the way we think. Every facet of our interactions is being reimagined, simplified, and personalized....

Becoming #omniagile: 3 ways to avoid losing opportunity and resources

6/6/2016, written by Yatin Bhatia

Categories: eCommerce, Omni-agile

The term “omnichannel” has been a buzzword in the retail industry for several years. Retailers have added more and more channels to their business paving the way for more opportunities...

Being omnichannel is being agile, #omniagile

6/3/2016, written by Tarun Madan

Categories: eCommerce, Omni-channel, Retail, Omni-agile

For any omnichannel strategy, it is important to strike a balance between supporting the ongoing business and looking for opportunities to grow the business. Omniagile means evolving...




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