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Ever wonder what happens to your feedback survey?

1/18/2017, written by Cindy Wolf

Categories: Customer Feedback, Survey

Every quarter we send a survey to all of Nagarro’s clients asking them how we are doing across a range of parameters. A number of our clients are not sure what exactly happens after...

To Know Us Is to Love Us

2/11/2016, written by Cindy Wolf

Categories: Make Magic, Personal Essay

I’m a lifetime New Yorker, and so by default I’m meant to be a jaded New Yorker. Perhaps we *may* just have a tendency to look at things a bit more cynically – we’ve seen it all. So,...

Five Questions to Help You Approach Outsourced Product Development With Offshore Companies

5/1/2014, written by Cindy Wolf

Categories: Product Development, ISV

Product companies looking for an outsourcing partner for software product development have a lot to consider. Finding the right partner is tough enough under normal circumstances.




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