Nagarro’s Connected Worker solution makes distance irrelevant

Nagarro’s Connected Worker solution makes distance irrelevant

Munich, Germany, Apr 21, 2020: Nagarro, a global leader in software engineering and technology solutions, offers a Connected Worker solution designed to achieve workforce-driven business continuity while preparing for the new normal.

Connecting workers with new tools and technologies have been a business objective for some time, and the current global situation is accelerating that trend. Companies may have fewer workers available, in the field or in the factory, to perform various tasks. This situation is likely to continue because mobility restrictions may continue to exist in the foreseeable future.

We have implemented the Connected Worker solution for multiple clients across different industries. This solution consisting of devices, platforms, and accelerators has enabled Connected Workers performing tasks in repair & maintenance, inspection & quality, assembly, logistics, and training. Tasks such as support from an expert, which earlier required an expert to travel, can be efficiently achieved by using Smart Glass or mobile.

Our accelerator-driven approach jumpstarts the solution delivery, and it is complemented by evaluation frameworks and solution customization necessary for the relevant business use case. Our broad partner network acts as the key pillar for supporting this state-of-the-art technology solution.

Michel Dorochevsky
Michel Dorochevsky, Nagarro

"Of course, many companies had to make compromises in the first phase of the crisis! With our Connected Worker approach, we have a powerful solution in place to help businesses succeed and stay productive beyond the crisis. With our multi-industry experience, we help our clients from concept to roll out of their Connected Worker solution and integrating them with our client’s business processes," explains Michel Dorochevsky, CTO, Nagarro in Germany.

Nagarro’s Connected Worker solution leverages our agile delivery model while using various digital tools to collaborate with clients. The base solution can be incrementally enhanced with artificial intelligence and advanced data analytics techniques to create powerful insights for the workers and it can be integrated with various enterprise systems.

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