The rise of the Connected Worker

At present, people mobility across the world is constrained due to health and safety reasons. Adhering to physical distancing norms may also create pressure to maintain business continuity while meeting commitments to your clients. Even when these restrictions are reduced, a new normal may emerge where the Connected Worker plays an essential role in ensuring the health and safety of your workforce.


Our solution enables you to leverage use case scenarios for remote expert support, hands-free workflow instructions, virtual training for the workforce, and more. It can be combined with data analytics and AI-based techniques to generate additional benefits that boost productivity and reduce errors. These solutions have already proved their value and have been implemented with multiple enterprise clients generating notable benefits.

  • REDUCE TRAVEL RELIANCE — Digitally connects experts to field operations
  • REDUCE ERRORS — Workflow instructions via Smart Glass or mobile to ensure first time right
  • ENSURE SAFETY — Workers safely perform tasks with remote assistance from experts  

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Connected Worker - Making distance irrelevant

Ensure business continuity while meeting your business commitments and prepare for the new normal!

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Nagarro's connected worker solution makes distance irrelevant

Nagarro’s Connected Worker solution makes distance irrelevant
To overcome social distancing challenges, our Connected Worker solution helps the worker to connect with information and experts, while using devices like mobile and Smart Glass, aided by data analytics and artificial intelligence.
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Watch snippets of the Intelligent Enterprise event where delegates from various companies joined us for a day full of innovation and technical breakthroughs. Experts from Google and McKinsey shared insights on value potentials and technical differentiators and recommended methodologies on how to get from obscure ideas to valuable prototypes.

A very riveting panel discussion was the highlight of the event, where industry representatives shared their experiences. At our hands-on demo booths, the attendees tried selected industry use-cases.

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Value based Transformation through API enabled Enterprise Architecture

March 25, 2020, 6-9pm, Google office, Munich, Germany
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