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Why gender diversity matters

Women at Nagarro

We at Nagarro have a vision of a #NoLabels future. How can we make that vision a reality? By always striving to make Nagarro better. We believe diversity strengthens us and that no label or difference should hold you back from succeeding. One place where we are making progress and want to make even more is gender diversity. Right now, 27% of Nagarrians are women. Can we do better? Yes. Will you help us? We have created some amazing initiatives to support our Nagarrians to succeed. Check them out.


Our initiatives

Connect Circle


A highly engaging, global community exclusively for our female colleagues, facilitated by the women of Nagarro. More than 750 women across 30 countries connect, exchange ideas, and inspire each other. 

Glass Window


The senior management team sends an exclusive invite to the selected high-potential female Nagarrians under the Glass Window program. As part of this, they get the opportunity to pro-actively participate for one year in all management meetings, with transparent access to all plans and discussions. 

Glass Lens


You could even call it Glass Tens – this is a mentoring program spread across ten sessions, where ten speakers mentor a selected group of female Nagarrians who are on course to become a team lead. 

International women's Day


Every year on #IWD, we celebrate our continuous progress throughout the year and beyond, to move toward gender equality.

Gender Diversity Tracker


We target women making up 25% of our leadership levels by 2024, and 33% by 2026. The tracker is company-wide visible and updated monthly.

Women-hiring Drives


Through exclusive recruitment drives just for female candidates we aim to encourage women to share their talents in the world’s fastest booming technology.



We have joined the 800+ companies that have implemented Google’s initiative on empowering women. Interactive workshops are regularly offered to all Nagarrians.

UN WEP Signatory


Nagarro signed on to the UN Women‘s Empowerment Principles, making a public commitment to the guiding principles that promote gender equality and women's empowerment at the workplace.



We make sure that the only thing your salary is based on is your ability and experience.

Women of Nagarro

When women come together to support one another, there's nothing we can't accomplish. In this social series, we spotlight our female Nagarrians. We showcase the different career paths possible for them, because at Nagarro, nothing is impossible! 

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Equal rights for women are critical! At Nagarro, we support this mission as much as we can and are already implementing various programs to help us succeed. What is success to us? When every woman in the world is treated 100% equally. It starts with us but ends with everyone working together to ensure that the commitment to diversity is truly embraced - at all levels and without prejudice. At Nagarro, we dream of a #NoLabels future. Help us build it!
Shruti Tandon
Custodian of Diversity and Inclusion at Nagarro