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Effective remote working: Leading from home

Posted by Daniel Eder on 13 May 2020

While every employee faces some challenges in adjusting to the shift towards working from home, this change presents even more tests for those in leadership positions. In a traditional setup, the role of managers is often to organize, instruct, and control the work of their teammates to ensure high productivity and alignment towards company goals. As discussed in the previous parts of this series, some of these responsibilities have shifted towards the team or the individual. Employees are self-responsible for ensuring their productivity, work planning, and alignment. In such a scenario, what is the role of leadership in a remote setup?

Topics: collaboration, Life at Nagarro, Remote Working

Effective remote working: Tips for productivity and collaboration

Posted by Daniel Eder on 02 Apr 2020

In the first part of the effective remote working series, we discussed some useful practices and tips to follow when you switch to working remotely. With those baselines established, part two here deals with how all of us can ensure high productivity.

Topics: ISV, collaboration, Life at Nagarro, Remote Working

Effective remote working: Tips for you and your team

Posted by Daniel Eder on 25 Mar 2020

The recent Coronavirus outbreak has shaken things up and has also given us a fresh perspective on life and situations. We had to quickly adapt to the changing circumstances and switch to an alternative form of working: remote working, or popularly known as working from home (WFH).

Topics: collaboration, Life at Nagarro, Remote Working

3 Key considerations for a successful agile transformation

Posted by Daniel Eder on 08 Mar 2019

Transforming your organization into an agile one by adapting to the fast-paced high complexity of modern-day business is an art. But running a successful transformation depends on several factors such as the people involved, the culture and leadership. Here are three key aspects to consider that tackle culture, strategy and tactics; and to ensure a successful agile transformation.

Topics: Agile, Change Management, Agile Transformation