Applications and systems are growing. Their complexity is constantly increasing, as is the use of agile methods. Manual testing cannot keep up with the scope and speed of change. Against this background, test automation has evolved from a niche service to an indispensable component of software projects.

Test automation minimizes repetitive manual testing, reducing the amount of testing, increasing test coverage, and rapidly delivering meaningful test results. We use our field-proven method called the Advanced Automation Approach (A2A) for this. A2A is not limited to choosing the right tool. We look at the entire lifecycle of our client's IT solution and develop a tailor-made solution for their needs. A2A ensures your investment in test automation is sustainable.

Test data management

Reliable test data management (TDM) is essential to provide the same consistent data across all stages of an application's lifecycle. This helps carry out test automation reliably. The search and production effort of suitable test data is significantly reduced, and test runs can be reproduced at any stage of the development and test process. In addition, errors can be analyzed by the exact production of data constellations.

Service virtualization

Increasing demands, complex system environment, multiple teams, limited time, tight budget, time-to-market pressure are challenges that companies face continuously.

This is where service virtualization comes into the picture. It gives you the chance to successfully gain and maintain complete control over the services in the test environment. This is because patterns of services are recreated and they communicate with the software component to be developed or tested. Different scenarios for system integration and related tests, even without "real" test systems or interfaces, can thus be checked. The result, individual components can be tested sooner and better – effective risk and cost minimization is the result.

Test environment management

The trend of shorter release cycles with consistent budgets continues as development practice becomes smaller and more scalable services.

To keep pace, it requires efficient test environment management: dedicated stages are available for the various development results, all of which can be configured and used separately, from development to acceptance. This can among other things create stable and targeted test environments and eliminate conflicts between development and trial versions. The time-to-market is shortened by faster feedback.

Properly managed test environment management is not an obstacle in software development, rather an opportunity for greater efficiency. We support our clients in creating the concept and introducing a test environment management. So that you feel added value early on and are prepared for the future.

Fully automated regression tests

Depending on the initial situation and task, the disciplines (Test Automation, Service Virtualization, Test Data Management and Test Environment) complement one another: the full automation of regression tests. This means nothing else than continuous quality.

Load and performance tests

Facing issues such as frequent system failures and slow response times of your software? It's time for load and performance tests to identify existing vulnerabilities in the system. If the performance does not meet the given requirements, the results are used to derive concrete measures for targeted performance improvement.

From test analysis to test design and implementation to test execution and evaluation, we assist throughout the process.

Mobile Testing

Mobile Testing means quality assurance for a variety of endpoints with different operating systems and versions, different network operators, and high security and performance requirements. To be able to test efficiently and cost-effectively, some of the tests are not carried out via the user interface but via underlying technical levels (for example web services).

We serve our customers with advice, design, and implementation of mobile tests either manually or automatically. Our CMAP training (Certified Mobile App Professional) supports you in the training of your employees.