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No matter what side of the fence your business is on, there are certain barriers holding you back from embracing AI in a big way.
Converting ideas into easily scalabale prototypes can be a challenge. What if there was an agile, cost-effective, and easy to deploy solution?
Enable your business with Nagarro's AI accelerators, our customized software solutions for rapid MVP roll-out.

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Our Accelerators enable an AI-based solution in 4 easy steps


What our AI Accelerators can do for your business?

Our smart and ready-to-use Artificial Intelligence accelerators can help build and transform ideas into scalable solutions.
Customer opinion mining
Reveal insights on customer feedback and derive business actions
Intelligent OCR
Extracting information from scanned paper and images with greater accuracy
Dynamic dialog management using Chatbot_Cover
Dynamic dialog management using Chatbot
Optimize efforts and enhance bot search efficiency
Last mile delivery optimization
Optimize the last mile delivery to maximize resource utilization
Audience analytics
Ingest a real-time video stream to draw out analytical inferences
Traffic and pedestrian detection_Cover
Traffic and pedestrian detection
Urban traffic and pedestrian monitoring and management
Target schema generator

Intelligent data type mappings and creation of the target schema

Optimal job scheduling

Scheduling jobs/backlogs to maximize resource utilization

Face recognition
Improve efficiency while taking away the risks by adopting non-contact means
Forecast at scale for thousands of entities with the best performing models
Plug and play dashboard for Chatbot_Cover
Plug and play dashboard for Chatbot
Assess how your chatbot is performing and whether it’s helping the business grow
Making low cost medical screening and more accurate diagnosis possible
Flexible data migrator
Migrate data efficiently at scale from diverse data sources to cloud-based data warehouses
Automated reconciliation

Automated data reconciliation and validation tool that checks for completeness and accuracy of data

Legacy modernization_cover
Legacy modernization
Graph-based ML approach to identify independent sub-systems
Pricing accelerator process

Migrate the schema of diverse data sources efficiently to cloud-based data warehouses

Marketing mix optimizer
Optimize budgets and maximize returns on the marketing spends at the click of a button

Technology Enablers

We leverage diverse and emerging technology enablers to build these AI accelerators.

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