About the Sessions

These sessions will provide a hands-on on incorporating feedback from customers, getting insights by using smart data, adapting the data as per the organization's processes, and measuring the value of the data generated for the business.
Participants: Management (C-level) and owners of business units such as ERP, business intelligence, innovation, service, and product management.

incorporate feedback_icon
Incorporate Feedback
  • Use direct feedback from customers to optimize models
  • Optimize models as per usage


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Get Insights
  • Use smart data to view usage of products
  • Measure the aspects (such as recommendations, clicked links)
  • Understand the business and customers
  • Learn from insights
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Adapt the data
  • Clean, correct, and optimize data
  • Optimize processes (such as integrating new data sources)
  • Optimize model (for example: new categorizations)



measure value of data_icon

Measure the value of the new data

  • Decide, recommend, and suggest ways to leverage the data
  • Measure the value generated for the business
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