About the Sessions

In these sessions, participants will get a hands-on on setting up the infrastructure, integrating the data from various sources, and implementing smart data through visualization and by leveraging various other tools and technologies.
Participants: Management (C-level) and owners of business units such as ERP, business intelligence, innovation, service, and product management.

set up infrastructure_icon
Set up Infrastructure
  • Leverage Cloud
  • Use various databases
  • Set up tools for extraction and transformation
  • Set up tools for machine learning
  • Set up tools to manage data flow


implement integration_icon
Implement Integration
  • Integrate enterprise data from various sources
  • Set up data quality management (by finding inconsistencies, missing data, wrong categorizations and through clean, enriched data)
  • Implement the data flow


implement production of smart data_icon
Implement Production of Smart Data
  • Via analytics
  • Via machine learning
  • Via rule engines
  • Through visualization
  • By getting smart data back to the user

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