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27 Feb - 02 Mar
Booth #6B2 (Hall 6 - Show floor) | Fira Gran Via, Barcelona
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Research becomes reality

AI4T - Advanced Intelligence for Testing


Our top 4 use cases

Smart Test Selection
Has your number of automated test cases grown so much that it takes way too long till all the tests are complete? 
Our approach selects a subset of test cases so that if a specific subset succeeds, there is most likely no error in the remaining test cases.
The main benefit is a significant reduction in test execution time (e.g. from 8 hours to 1 hour).
Self-Healing Test Automation
Do you face huge maintenance efforts to keep your tests up-to-date and functional after code changes?
Our approach perceives that it is not operating correctly and without human intervention, makes the necessary adjustments to restore itself to normal operation.
The main benefit is the significant reduction in service time (e.g. from 15 min to 1 sec per maintained test case).
Automatic Fail Analysis
Do you have to check hundreds of failed test cases every day before you know what the real problems are?
Our system "Sqeed" supports your engineers by identifying the source of the error, such as clustering the log files into error categories.
The main benefit is the significant time reduction in finding the root course of an error (e.g. from 5 min to 1 min per problem).
>> Go to "Sqeed" demo
Smart Refactoring
Do you have a weak spot, an old system and legacy code that nobody dares to touch?
Our approach performs refactoring of source code in a human-centric, semi-automatic way with the guidance of a machine learning algorithm based on the knowledge of thousands of software engineers.
The main benefit is cleaner source code which is significantly easier to maintain.
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Get in touch with us and let’s make your test automation more intelligent!

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