[White Paper] Industry 4.0: What is a Connected Enterprise?
What is a Connected Enterprise: A primer on the eve of Austria's digital revolution

Download the whitepaper and get insights into:

  • What is a Connected Enterprise?
  • Does your business need to become a Connected Enterprise?
  • What are the main components of a Connected Enterprise?
  • How does a Connected Worker help to transform your business?
  • Best practices and use cases of companies enabling a Connected Enterprise.


The global market for the internet of things (IoT) — the catchall phrase used to describe the new generation of wearable technology that is both constantly collecting data on its real-time use and also sharing it to an online network of some kind — is projected to reach $6.2 trillion by 2025.

IoT is the face of the digital revolution that is affecting every corner of the global economy. Manufacturers both in Austria and worldwide are not immune and can no longer afford to ignore the digital revolution on their businesses. It’s estimated that 40% of business and manufacturing companies around the world are already using IoT right now.

Industry 4.0 — the ‘Connected Enterprise’ — is the new frontier that will leave everything that came before it behind forever both in Austria and around the world.